Down but not out


Several incidences have popped regarding this site and as one gets solved, another comes up. I am adamant about keeping friends and followers safe – and happy they came to visit.

I hope I am not just being paranoid, but it is starting to feel like a personal vendetta. (If not paranoid, you have to admit that was pretty darn dramatic!)

The last thing I want is to spread internet foibles. We will disappear for however long it takes to make sure everything is safe. I now have maximum security from a highly respected source, but something came through this morning. I fear this happened in the interim period of making corrections.

If anyone reading this is following me by email, please go ahead and unsubscribe. When we come back, and if you want to, you can always resubscribe.

Just to be careful, I will not follow or comment on any of the socials until I am convinced it is safe to do so. Comments are now shut off on this blog.

There have been too many sad days around here. You are all important to me. I am unhappy I have missed so many of your birthdays, gotcha days, and major announcements. We will be back! Love, peace, and happy days ahead,

Jobi and Fisher



To labor or not to labor…


that is the question. Oh wait! Are you kidding me? It only took a few minutes to take a short survey on how we would spend Labor Day.

ScooterLaborDayClearly, Scooter is homesteading atop the couch with no sign of movement. With one eye open, I am sure she is daring me to interfere with her solitude.


Alice from the Palace peacefully waits for an imaginary pedipurrist. This particular figment of her imagination could easily last all day.


And then there is Russell the Cougar Cat (aka Chairman of the Board), who has taken great strides to form a purrfect Union. He previously took over the inbox to show the others how futile it was to expect them to do the low level work of filing for just a few extra niblets a day.

Yesterday he came very close to signing up Scooter and Alice when he managed to coax them – with himself in the lead – to march into my office two hours before the scheduled treat time and demand satisfaction forth with. I made such a fuss his two minions quickly retreated and he reluctantly followed.

So now what? Is he just relaxing under the stool that leads up to the inbox, or is this some kind of strike?

Happy Labor Day, everyone!