Monday morning mail

Dear Friends,
This in my Monday morning mail today:

HOW HOT IS IT IN ARIZONA ?? (FYI. 112 degrees today) Yikes!
This is Elliot, an English Bulldog, and this is an “un-posed” picture
(trust me, you couldn’t actually make Elliot do anything)
of said pooch trying to beat the ARIZONA heat after his owners emptied their
cooler in the driveway in Chandler, ARIZONA

One picture is worth a thousand words……

Arizona hot

Arizona hot

Meanwhile on the other side of the country, our thoughts and purrs are for all who are struggling with the after effects of that nasty Hurricane Irene. Huge commendations go out for those who diligently provided disaster preventative measures.

Your friend,

Myths of the black cat

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, August 17, 2011

creativecommons photo by synx508

creativecommons photo by synx508

Dear Friends,

I have gathered some myths about black cats and added my own myth busters. As you know, we cats have no silly myths about ourselves, no matter what color we show up in – so this is for the humans.

Myth: In the Middle Ages, black cats were believed to consort with witches, and bring bad luck to the villagers.
Myth Buster: Cats do not curse.

Myth: In North America, a black cat crossing your path is a bad omen and will bring bad luck.
Myth Buster: North Americans had ancestors from the Middle Ages whom they never really understood. They just associated them with bad luck, and as luck would have it, there were many black cats in the village.

Myth: In days of olde, black cats would spy for the witches and demons.
Myth Buster: Cats don’t tell.

A more up to date look at the issue:

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere. – Groucho Marx

If a black cat crosses your path you should be honored that the cat noticed you at all. – Fisher Harris

For lots more information on black cats, please visit “Are Black Cats Really Bad Luck Charms?” presented to you compliments of Alfred and Little Cat B, who end their thesis with a most telling paragraph:

There are other creatures that have been said to look like black cats
and really cause misfortune, but they are supernatural in origin and it could
be that the people who originated the superstition saw these creatures
rather than a real black cat?

Helloooo….enough said.

Your friend,