The day the moon stayed forever…

the3AmigosLgeBnnror so it seemed.

Dear Friends,

Russell here, and I have a story to tell! It all just happened this morning, but I am calmer now.

Not making eye contact

Not making eye contact

All cats and people were up out of bed and moving around. It was very early and very dark outside and the cat dad was ready to go out to his job. Cat mom was pouring a cup of coffee, saying good-bye to cat dad, and off he went. She FINALLY noticed I was sitting at her feet non-stop talking to her.

“What’s the matter Russell?” she said. I kept on with my chatter. She then noticed the food bowls were all empty. The food bowls are NEVER all empty!

We cats are pretty much in charge of the food after it is put in our bowls. We self-regulate the amount of food we eat and make a stop at the bowls for a bite to eat whenever we feel hungry. It works very well for everyone. Twice a day, when the cat mom sees the bowls are almost empty, she just puts more food in and we are happy. But not on this day!

Scary anger look

Scary anger look

Cat mom told us she would get more food in the bowls right away. She keeps it in a large bin so it will stay fresh. She opened the bin and it was empty! OMC! This is unacceptable! Scooter just sat at one of the food bowls looking at the emptiness. Alice has a way of just bobbling her head when she is not sure what’s going on (most of the time).

Cat mom exclaimed, “In all my years of having cats, I have never ever run out of cat food!”
Scooter telepathically chimed in with, “How nice. That’s a lot of decades!” She continued to stare at the empty food bowl. Scooter was NOT amused.

Alice staying in the dark

Alice staying in the dark

I kept up with the talking, but cat mom was getting distraught. “Kitties,” she said, “you see
it is dark out there – the moon is still in the sky. I have to wait until daylight before I can go out to the store.” She then sat down at her desk and started working.

Scooter: What?
Alice: Huh?
Me, Russell: Are you kidding me? (She has a choice of three stores within easy walking distance and they all sell cat food. She is telling us we have to wait?)

Fortunately she gave us our afternoon snack while she waited for the moon to get out of the sky. Alice and I decided we could sleep until we got our new food. Scooter was still sitting in front of the empty food bowl. Cat mom was working at her desk, keeping an eye out for the sun.

Everything worked out. I am very sure this will never EVER happen again. Alice is napping, Scooter finally stepped away from the ‘buffet table’, and I will nap soon. Before I go, though, I am just wondering, has this ever happened to any of you?

The Power of 3

AFLetterBannerDear Fisher,

We are Pretty Girl and Kitten here. I am the pretty one, and Kitten is the big orange kitty. (Surprise!) We are both girl cats and we were very satisfied 3.2.14AFLtrPrettyGirlandKittenSunniCatswhapping each other on the head, chasing, or annoying each other. Then things changed. Our mom moved in with her boyfriend who has a cat named Duke, and we have regrouped.

The boyfriend was afraid we would gang up on his cat, and the mom said that would never happen. “Cats don’t pair up like that,” she said. But we fooled them. Now we stick together like never before, and poor Duke is fading into the background as we write (ha-ha, poor Duke).

So here is our issue: Do cats who initially hated each other, then were forced to live together, “bond” and form a team when introduced to a single cat? I am the smallest but I definitely rule the roost. I’m just wondering if cats do “have each other’s backs”. Thanks!

– Pretty Girl

Dear Pretty Girl,

My goodness you have had some big changes to contend with! As I see it, the only thing that has stayed the same is that no one can predict how cats will behave. This actually works well for you because you will likely change again.Sunni1orangetabby

In your case, a lot depends on the intention of your humans, and that is not a secret. They love each other and they intend to live together. All three of you cats are loved, and they intend to keep you with them.

You are naturally bonding together at this time because you and Kitten living together is your most common denominator. The house, and the constant presence of the boyfriend and Duke is new to you. The fact  there was no mention of pounding Duke into obscurity is a good sign that you will all learn to get along.

Looking at the positive side of things, it is good you two are bonding. You will learn that you actually like each other. Once that sinks in, one of you will venture out to get to know Duke. It will probably be Kitten. These changes are always harder for the one who “rules the roost”, but eventually you will accept things and realize your roost just got bigger. Go ahead and puff up a little. You just got more important.

Your two humans can do a lot to help these changes by individually loving up to each of you, separately and in full view of everyone. If one of you gets your tail furs in a bunch, it must be ignored. Humans are advised to keep up with this practice on a daily basis.

You and Kitten will have a happier life when you accept that Duke is now part of your world. And, if you every need it again, having each other’s back is much better with the power of three!  Peace and Love -

Your friend, Fisher