What would your cats do

LgeBnnrAliceThinkingHave you ever walked into a room, glanced at your cat, and knew she/he was plotting something? I know Alice from the Palace snoops around on my desk  when I am out of the office, and now, I am very sure she found this:

What if you let a cat design your home by Terrys Fabrics
What if you let a cat design your home by Terrys Fabricsxxxx
Terry started this, but now I just have to ask you. What do you think your house would look like if the cats were in charge of the interior design?

Dogs vs Cats…seriously?

7.28Bnnr3CatsLong ago in a URL far away, I belonged to a community of pet lovers. A friend in the community wrote that about her dog’s affinity to being so much like a cat, she calls him a Dat. Based on her information, which I do not even remember, I wrote back that I had a cat who could be a Cog.

I do remember thinking about my cats, and who among them would qualify as a Cog. Instead of trying to conjure up old memories and very bad photos, I decided to analyze my cats in residence today.

2ScootertheDivaFirst we have Scooter, the Diva. She is a cat and that’s that. None of her behavior reflects Cog-like tendencies. Her talents include opera singing and caring for her little no-neck mouse toy.

She actually ends her in-tune performances with the refrain “meow, meow, meow, mewo-meow”. I am not kidding when I tell you she enunciates beautifully! Unfortunately, she is a master at knowing when I am trying to make a recording of her arias from another room. End of aria, no refrain. Definitely a Cat.

2AliceCourtJesterLittle Alice from the Palace does not display any tendencies of Royal blood. She is, however, the most wonderful court jester. She is often seen staring at nothing, with intensity. Her little head bobbles a lot, and I am convinced it is a sign of “thinking things through”. Alice is a Dat in training and I will tell you why: Along came Rustle!

2ChairmanBoardRussellA friend of mine rescued a big orange cat, and due to pending circumstances, she had to find him a home ASAP. I offered to help and said he could stay with us until I found him a home. She sent a picture and it was love at first sight – for me!

Russell is definitely a Dat. He loves to play fetch and can make a two yard jump to get the prize. He is a master sniffer. He sniffs everything! That seems very dog like to me. I first thought he could be our Security Officer, but really, we don’t need one. He is extremely polite and will carry on a conversation, pausing to let us add our thoughts, and then responding. Chairman of the Board fits him well. He has all of our best interests in mind.

AliceNewShirtAlice and Russell bonded almost immediately. She is now sniffing like nobody’s business, and does her best to play fetch, but still has her kitten-in-awe of everything personality. For now, that is…. Oh, and by the way, she wants to know what you think of her new shirt.

People who have pets of any kind are likely to be overall animal lovers. It would be fun to know if you have a Dat or a Cog in your furkid family. Maybe you have a Cabbit or a Dabbit? Seriously, inquiring minds would love to know!


No changes in attitude

3catsBannerLge1.24.14We are participating in a contest review, brought to the internet by one of our favorite companies’ The Cat Scratch Lounge, founded by none other than:

We received a surprise gift sent in April of 2013 – the Cat Scratch Lounge, and we gave it a review.

Our response to Daisy McKitty follows:
1. Wart and Scooter shared the Lounge – very rare
2. It is a box – of course they loved it!
3. The Lounge was laced with catnip
4. This was the first catnip Scooter ever reacted to
5. An extra baggie of nip included – I had to hide it
6. The lounge takes up very little room
7. It is very sturdy – well put together
8. Scooter can sharpen her claws, get nipped, and take a nap, all in one place
9. Wart can sharpen his phantom claws
10. Scooter can still see the TV (if she isn’t too nipped out)

It's Mine, I tell you, it's mine!

It’s Mine, I tell you, it’s mine!

Fast forward to today. I am recycling my original review. Sadly, my little big man Wart is no longer with us.

It's more comfy than my Inbox!

It’s more comfy than my Inbox!

But right now, I am focused on the cool contest from Ms. McKitty. (It ends at Midnight tonight! If you have not entered, there is still time!)

My new review edition is Ten Reasons Why We Want to Win the Scratch Lounge II.
1. All three cats love the Lounge and with two more, they can each have their own
2. Three big windows and three lounges will create personal space for each cat

I know the Lounge is more comfortable.

I know the Lounge is more comfortable.

3. Russell will have his OWN Lounge for his snuggly sunrise heat nap
4. Alice from the Palace to watch her bee friends who hang out under the arch
5. Scooter to spy on the neighbors and see who had an overnight guest (ahem)
6. We already know how sturdy and long lasting the product is
7. The catnip is packed to stay fresh and potent!
8. All three cats use the durable scratch pads
9. They love the comfort of the lounge
10. More time to scratch, less time on the couch with Scratch LoungeII!

Did I mention there is still time to enter?