Fishing crucian carp after rain, these positions are the most easy to explode and protect, fishing positions are chosen correctly, don’t worry about not catching fish

After the rain, the temperature began to rise, and after the rain, there was more “rain”, but the rain solar term was mostly light rain and showers. When fishing in rainy days in spring, the harvest is often not bad. Although it is still early spring, the temperature has risen a lot and crucian carp is getting better and better to catch. One of the important skills of wild fishing is the choice of fishing position. After all, there are few fish in natural waters and their distribution is extremely uneven. Choosing the right position can naturally add to the icing on the cake in the season when fish are easy to fish. Fishing crucian carp in spring, and then gather some fishing positions, hoping to help all fishing friends.

First, aquatic plants and fallen trees

Fishing pays attention to fishing grass, especially crucian carp. Fishing without grass is tantamount to running around. It means fishing crucian carp. Other fish species are not as “grass-loving” as crucian carp. When fishing in unfamiliar waters, most fishing friends will look for aquatic plants first, and crucian carp exists almost everywhere where aquatic plants exist. There are also several key points that need to be paid attention to when fishing for grass. Natural grass holes and grass seams are the best. Artificial opening of grass holes is very slow, and there is no guarantee that the grass holes are open under them. It is very likely that there are no fish. The second is to pay attention to the bottom to be clean, first try to see if the bottom is hung. Then, if there is more grass, look for sparse grass seams. If there is less grass, try to find places with more grass.

Falling trees, stumps in the water, branches in the water, etc., such obstacles in the water are often favored by crucian carp. Carassius auratus is small, quiet and timid. It always likes to hide. It likes this place with obstacles and messy water best. If there are no aquatic plants in the water, then look for obstacles such as branches and stumps in the water, and it is also easy to encounter crucian carp. However, this kind of fishing point also needs to be tried first to prevent the occurrence of bottom hanging. If necessary, it can be removed from the bottom or the pendant hook can be used to reduce the occurrence of bottom hanging.

Second, the junction of deep and shallow water and the junction of large and small water surfaces

With the temperature rising in spring, shallow water heats up the fastest. In mid-spring, the temperature of shallow water is much higher than that of deep water. Moreover, aquatic plants in shallow water begin to sprout and algae and insects in water begin to grow. At this time, shallow water is the paradise for fish, which is why spring fishing beaches are said. Fishing in shoals cannot be chosen at random. Not all shallow waters in what have fish. To sum up, one should choose the shoal connected with the deep water, because the place where the deep and shallow water meet is the place where the big fish like it. You can go to shallow water to warm and eat, and you can hide in deep water.

When the water area is large, the temperature rises slowly, and the plants, algae, etc. in the water will be slower than those in the small water area. Therefore, there is such a special phenomenon in spring. The water temperature in small waters bordering large waters, such as tributaries and river ditches, rises rapidly, and abundant food appears first. At this time, fish will eat, keep warm and even look for aquatic plant beds that can lay eggs from large waters to small waters. Therefore, choose the place where the water surface meets the water surface, which is easy to become the only way for fish to eat.

3. Water inlet and lower outlet

The water inlet and the lower tuyere are special terrains. The water inlet is a stable fishing point. The lower tuyere has different wind directions and positions. Both have one thing in common, that is, they cannot choose these two fishing positions in low temperature seasons. As the temperature rises, wind and running water will not make the water temperature in these areas cold, thus becoming a good fishing position. In fact, the main point is that there is plenty of food at the water inlet and outlet, and a lot of food is brought by wind and running water, and dissolved oxygen is abundant here, so it is a good fishing position. However, attention should be paid to the wind, flowing water and floating. Attention should be paid to the adjustment of floating.

These are some fishing position selection skills for spring crucian carp fishing, hoping to help all fishing friends. It is said that many places have started work recently, and many fishing friends can also go fishing. However, the epidemic situation has not completely passed, so we must pay attention to protective measures when going fishing. Please collect and pay attention to it if you like, and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!