Fishing in winter is not necessarily good in sunny days. If you want to fish with a pole, you should also pay attention to these old routines!

There are many topics about fishing in winter, because it is difficult to catch fish in winter, so many fishing friends prefer to study fishing in winter. Winter fishing is said to depend on the weather for food. The weather directly affects the harvest of winter fishing. In winter, fish will be better fished in what weather. Many fishing friends think that fish will be better fished in sunny days because it will be warmer in sunny days in winter and fish will naturally be better fished. However, there are still fishing friends who have different opinions. Sunny days in winter depend on which kind of sunny days it is. Not all sunny days in what are easy to catch.

First, don’t catch sudden sunny days.

It is indeed more comfortable to go fishing on sunny days in winter. Sunny days are more sunny. With the sunshine, the temperature and water temperature will rise. However, sunny days are characterized by relatively few clouds. In the afternoon of sunny days, the water temperature will reach the highest peak of the day. In the afternoon, especially after 4 o’clock, the temperature will begin to drop. As less clouds will lead to a large loss of surface temperature, resulting in a large temperature difference between day and night. In this way, the water temperature will change greatly. The water temperature changes greatly and fish are often difficult to adapt to. Therefore, it is not easy to catch fish in sunny days.

Second, do not catch sunny days after temperature changes.

The first kind of sunny day that is not suitable for fishing is the sunny day after the temperature changes. For example, after the rain, snow and cold wave in winter, such weather suddenly clears up after the temperature changes greatly. Although the temperature in such weather is relatively high, the overall water temperature is always relatively low, because the change of water temperature lags far behind the change of temperature. Moreover, the more sunlight is sufficient, the higher the water meter temperature will be, which will lead to the characteristics of unstable water temperature and higher water meter temperature than deep water. Fish have temperature-by-temperature characteristics and always look for water layers with higher water temperature, which will lead to fish floating to the water’s edge for heating. Therefore, based on the low overall water temperature and high water meter temperature, fish do not eat at all under such weather conditions. In addition to such sunny days, which are not suitable for fishing, sudden sunny days that continue to be cloudy are also not suitable for fishing. At this time, the water temperature is not necessarily low, but the fish are likely to go to the water surface to keep warm, making it very difficult to catch fish.

Three, don’t catch strong winds and sunny days

The temperature is high on sunny days, but the effect of the wind will not make it feel so warm. For fishing in winter, windy days are a very unfavorable factor. Because strong winds will lead to a drop in water temperature, and at the same time will also lead to the exchange of lower water layers, resulting in a very low overall water temperature, this is why fishing is not good from the perspective of water temperature. Secondly, it is difficult to throw the rod in windy days for winter fishing. Often, because the fishing rod is relatively long and the line group is relatively light, the throwing rod is easy to deviate from the dens, but in winter, the center of the fishing dens is very particular. There is also the fluctuation of the water surface in windy days in winter, and the adjustment of drift in winter pays attention to fishing with low eyes and catching small openings, which makes it very difficult to watch drift. Therefore, although the temperature is relatively high in sunny days, it is necessary to choose the sunny shelter corner that is not affected by the wind, otherwise it is very difficult to catch fish.

Four, fishing continues sunny day

You can fish on sunny days, But it is best to choose continuous sunny days. The characteristic of continuous sunny days is that the warm weather lasts for a period of time, and the temperature change range in the following days is often relatively small. It can also be considered that the temperature is relatively stable. Even when the temperature is high in the afternoon, the water temperature will not fluctuate greatly due to the sunny weather in the near future, which is beneficial to fishing. Only a continuous sunny day is comfortable for fishermen and fish. Therefore, fishing in winter has the saying that fishing lasts on sunny days and does not catch sunny days alone.

In fact, compared with sunny days, it is better to catch fish on continuous cloudy days, because the temperature difference between day and night is small, the temperature is more stable and the water temperature is more stable in the following days. Please collect and pay attention to it if you like, and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!