Fishing is very trick: run lead fishing, fly lead fishing, double lead fishing, these fishing tricks are so used!

The environment for wild fishing is extremely complicated. Taiwan fishing originates from still water aquaculture ponds. Therefore, copying some routines of Taiwan fishing is often not very effective in wild fishing. Therefore, based on Taiwan fishing, smart fishing friends have summed up many interesting and practical fishing methods. Just making an issue of lead pendants can adapt to various situations in wild fishing. Introduce the following fishing methods related to lead pendants to see if they can help your fishing friends.

First, lead fishing

1. Advantages and Principles

Lead running fishing is a more practical fishing method known to many fishing friends. It originates from live lead fishing and is the best used in pole throwing fishing. The three major unfavorable factors in wild fishing, namely, making small fish, floating water, blowing strong winds and running lead fishing, have certain coping effects. If the wind is strong, it is difficult to achieve accurate effect, especially the pole throwing method of Taiwan fishing, so it is better to throw the pole with heavy lead drop. The running water drifts away. If the lead pendant is suspended, even if the fishing is blunt, it is still easy for the line group to be washed away from the dens. The lead pendant lying on the bottom can best fix the line group. Small fish make nests, which is the norm in wild fishing. It is estimated that fishing friends who like wild fishing are also used to it. Small fish can use lead fishing to increase the obstacles caused by floating phase, and small fish cannot float. The above is the principle of lead fishing.

2. Operation method

The operation method is relatively simple. Replace the previous large lead pendant. The lead leather seat should be properly selected and the hole should be larger. The metal hole is most conducive to the formation of lead fishing. Then release the space beans at both ends of the lead skin seat, thus forming the effect of live lead. Replace the previous smaller float to improve the sensitivity, so that there will be no phenomenon that the float is larger than or cannot be pulled. The last point is to pay attention to the included angle between the waterline and the bottom of the water. If it is vertical, the line will not be pulled. It is very easy to adjust the drift of lead fishing, which is just the bottom-finding step of adjusting the drift. The big lead falls to the bottom and is adjusted to 1 or 2 mesh when the float is exposed.

Second, flying lead fishing

1. Advantages and Principles

If the purpose of running lead fishing is often to prevent small brain fish and big fish, the biggest advantage of flying lead fishing is that it is very attractive to small fish. Under the condition of not changing the line group, for the adjusted float and line group, only the lead drop needs to be pulled up, which is equivalent to increasing the length of the sub-line and reducing the length of the water line. If the sub-line is long, the swing range will be large. During the arrival period, the bait will be atomized to form a larger fish lure belt, and the colleague’s bait will be in place for a long time, making the fish more likely to catch up with the bait. The water line becomes shorter, the standing and arrival time of the float becomes shorter, and the float phase can be seen earlier and more clearly.

2. Operating essentials

The operation essentials of flying lead fishing are relatively simple. The main purpose of flying lead fishing is to catch the interface or to lure fish dynamically. Naturally, increasing the swing range will have better dynamic luring effect. As for how much lead pendant is pulled up, it depends on the specific situation. If white stripes are pulled up, it is enough to pull up 20 centimeters. If silver carp and bighead carp are caught, more can be pulled up. When fishing crucian carp in winter, you can even pull the lead pendant down under the floating seat. The purpose is not to stand on the floating seat immediately, but to have a larger swing range, which has a tempting effect on crucian carp in the dens. There is also a change, that is, after adjusting the float, the lead skin is divided into two parts, one part is put in place and the other part is wrapped on the float’s feet to speed up the float’s standing, which is very useful when fishing fast fish.

Three, double lead fishing

1. Advantages and Principles

Double lead fishing is a fishing method of two lead pendants, which is used in both Taiwan fishing and traditional fishing. The main purpose is to make the lead fall to the bottom in this very blunt state, which can also be more sensitive. It is used in running water floating and small brain fish. The better method for floating and small brain fish is to fall lead to the bottom. Flying lead fishing controls the sensitivity of falling lead to the bottom through the buoyancy of floating. The lead falling in flying lead fishing does not move. Double lead divides the lead pendant into two parts. Without changing the total weight of the lead pendant, the lead pendant at the bottom becomes smaller. Naturally, it is easier for fish to pull the small lead pendant than the large lead pendant.

2. Operating essentials

The operation essentials of double lead are nothing. First, determine the size of the small lead pendant and then match it with the large lead pendant. The difficulty is mainly in the bleaching adjustment. The bleaching adjustment of double lead is the bleaching adjustment without sub-lines, and the emphasis is on the lead falling to the bottom. Double lead has no sub-line. If you are proficient in floating, this is actually floating with bait. With bait (lead pendant) to level the water, fishing for 1 or 2 mesh, bait (lead pendant) to the end.

Smart fishing friends have invented many practical fishing methods to deal with the complicated fish situation and natural environment in wild fishing. Please pay attention to it and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!