It is difficult to catch fish when there are many windy days in spring. Fishing veterans will teach you some tips. You can also catch big fish in windy days in spring.

There are many windy days in spring, but as the saying goes, there is no wind and no fishing, and there is wind and no big fish. Wind can increase dissolved oxygen in the water, increase convection in the upper and lower layers, and also blow food to the lower tuyere. In terms of weather, wind is usually suitable for fishing, especially in breezy days. However, the wind affects fishing because it cannot accurately throw the pole and watch the drift, so if the wind is strong, it is necessary to pay attention to some strategies. How to deal with the windy weather in spring, share some experiences and learn from all fishing friends.

I. Timing

There are many windy days in spring, and there is a big difference between the south and the north. Compared with the south, the spring wind in the north is more windy and strong, so it is very important to choose the time to fish. Although the wind can promote the eating of fish, it is useless not to throw the pole or watch the drift. Unless fishing with the pole, the fun of fishing with the pole is much less. Generally speaking, even in windy days, the wind is low in the morning and evening and strong at noon, so when the wind is too strong, you can consider fishing in the morning and afternoon and miss the windy period at noon. In the middle of spring, fishing can be carried out all day long, so although fishing only in the morning and evening is still guaranteed. The temperature in mid-spring is not low, especially in the south of the Yangtze River Basin. You can also try night fishing. The wind basically stops at night, which has little impact on fishing. In fact, mid-spring and late spring are very suitable for night fishing. First, the fish mouth is good, and second, there are no mosquitoes, snakes and scorpions.

Second, position selection

Even in windy days, many fishing grounds can always find a place with low wind. For example, behind the woods, there are mountains or even places where houses are shielded from the wind, or under the banks, or the banks of the waters themselves are relatively high, so the impact of fishing shoals is still small. The above is the situation where the wind is relatively strong. If the wind is not too strong, there will be more choices for fishing positions, but it is usually recommended to catch more fishing outlets. For example, the river runs from east to west, and the east wind blows today. A better fishing position should be to stand on the north bank and catch the lower air outlet on the west. There will be plenty of food here. Or simply change the fishing method, the long pole short line seven stars drift, fishing grass nest is also good, the water surface has water grass wind influence is small, the seven stars drift lying on the water surface itself is affected by the wind is small, the long pole short line can also be as accurate as possible.

3. Fishing Group

Experienced fishing friends will certainly find that if the fishing rod is shorter than the long rod when the wind blows, it is easier to throw it into place. Of course, this is about Taiwan fishing. If the fishing rods are of the same length, the harder the fishing rods are, the easier it is to throw them into place. This is from the point of view of equipment. In mid-spring and late spring, fishing shoals are still the main fishing points, so it is very reasonable to use hard fishing rods below 4.5. Another point is that under the same fishing rod, the heavier the lead drop, the easier it is to throw the rod. Theoretically, as long as the lead drop is heavy enough, it can be thrown into place against the wind, but the sensitivity is really not guaranteed. Therefore, experienced fishing friends will use double lead wire groups. The lead drop is heavy enough and has relatively high sensitivity. The lead drop can also achieve the effect of not drifting.

4. Other Skills

1. If the lead drop is suspended in windy days, it will definitely not work. It is easy to float, so the lead drop is a more suitable choice. Another is that if the fishing eye is too high, the float is also easy to be blown in place, but if the fishing eye is too low, the float cannot be seen well with the ups and downs of the wind and waves, so it is more appropriate to fish for 3 and 4 mesh without sub-line adjustment of 1 and 2 mesh.

2. There are also fishing friends who will choose to drift obliquely or even horizontally. In fact, it is also a way for lead to fall to the bottom, but fishing is even faster. However, instead of using vertical drift, it is better to change to seven-star drift. Increase the distance between the seven stars and expose one on the water surface. The floating phase can also be clearly seen.

3. The bait used in windy days is also more exquisite. It is better to stick it soft so as not to catch the bait by throwing the pole. Then the bait ball can be smaller, and it is better to let the fish eat it in one bite. The floating phase may look better. Or simply use barbed fishhooks and hang earthworms for fishing, so the bait is not easy to get rid of.

Windy days in spring usually do not lead to a drop in temperature, so it is a favorable factor for fishing. Facing windy days is always more difficult than sharing some other methods. Please collect and pay attention to it if you like, and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!