Play night fishing in late spring, pay attention to these old routines, remember 4 fishing and 4 not fishing, and help you fish on the pole!

Many fishermen who do not have time during the day often choose night fishing. In fact, the more comfortable season for night fishing is from mid-spring to early summer, when the temperature is cooler and there are not many mosquitoes, it will be more comfortable. At night, the light is dim, so you must bring all the lighting equipment with you, get into a good habit before fishing, check whether the equipment is properly prepared and comprehensive, and whether the equipment to be charged is fully charged. Try not to go fishing alone, and go with one or two close friends. There is a big difference between night fishing and daytime fishing. The biggest problem is the light problem. It is also because the light is weak that the fish’s courage becomes obviously greater, so the probability of catching big fish at night is much higher than that during the day.

First, fishing at the beginning and end of the month

Night fishing is first of all a question of the choice of fishing time. Many fishing friends have summed up that at the beginning and end of the lunar calendar, the moonlight is darker, the fish is more active and the food is bolder, so it is better to fish. In the middle of the month, the moonlight is bright, but it is not conducive to fishing. The principle is actually relatively simple. Our common freshwater fish basically take weak light and prefer dim light. This is true of wild fishing and daytime fishing. If it is rainy during the day, it is often better to fish than sunny weather, especially in spring and autumn. In summer, it is cloudy, sultry and low in air pressure. Although the light is weak, it is still not easy to fish. In the spring and autumn, the climate is more suitable, the low pressure weather is less, and the water is often not anoxic, so it is much better to catch fish.

Second, fishing has wind and not fishing without wind.

It is windy in spring, especially during the day, but it will be much smaller at night, basically turning into a breeze. The weather choice for night fishing can be cloudy, cloudy or sunny. Cloudy or cloudy night fishing, the light is also relatively dim, so you can not comply with the requirements of the beginning and end of the month. If fishing is carried out in sunny days, it must be windy to be more suitable. At night, algae and aquatic plants in the water will absorb oxygen in the water, resulting in less dissolved oxygen in the water than during the day. If you fish at night in windy weather, the dissolved oxygen in the water will be more sufficient, the fish will be more active and have a big appetite, so it will naturally be much better to fish. It is also for this reason that night fishing is not suitable for grass fishing. Among them, the environment in the aquatic plant area is complex, and fishing is not good when the light is weak. The most important factor is that the dissolved oxygen in the aquatic plant area is not as good as that in open water at night, so fish, especially big fish, are often in open water at this time.

Three, fishing shallow not fishing deep, fishing near not fishing far

The advantage of wild fishing lies in the fact that there are more opportunities to meet big fish. The reason for the more opportunities is that the big fish pull over to look for food at night and the hand pole is naturally easy to catch. Therefore, the fish at night will not be in deep water or too far away, but will surround the shallow water rich in food. Food distribution is an important condition for wild fishing to choose fishing spots, so it is not necessary to fish too far or too deep, not deep or shallow, not near or far. In addition to the above-mentioned non-fishing of aquatic plants, attention should also be paid to choosing a flat position as the fishing position as far as possible, with no shelter on the head and behind, so that it is convenient to throw the pole and walk the fish, and it will be safer. At night, fish will look for food at a certain distance from the shore, so bad fishing positions during the day are not necessarily bad at night, so it is not necessary to look for fishing positions with special terrain and unsafe conditions.

Four, fishing before midnight not fishing after midnight

When fishing at night, the spring breeze warms up, which is more pleasant. The fish mouth can still persist. If the fish mouth is not good, it will fall asleep. Therefore, it is recommended to catch only around 11 o’clock in the evening. If the time is later, not only will the energy be unable to support, but also the fish mouth will become much thinner obviously. This is because there is also a time period for fish to eat. There is no need to say much about this during the day. In spring, when the climate is suitable, the whole day is basically eating. In the afternoon, there will be 1 or 2 hours of mouth difference, but not no mouth. In the afternoon, the fish mouth can basically last until the sun goes down. After the sun goes down, the light suddenly becomes dim. At this time, the fish is often not used to it, and there is basically no mouth at this time. By 7: 00 p.m. and 8: 00 p.m., the fish had already used the night environment again and began to come out to look for food, which could last until about 11: 00 p.m. and then began to rest. At 4: 00 a.m. and 5: 00 a.m., the fish began to eat for another day. Therefore, it is enough in the middle of the night before fishing. Anyway, the mouth will become less. It is better to go home and sleep to recuperate.

These are some precautions for night fishing in spring. You must pay attention to safety and travel together. Arrive at a close and familiar fishing ground, put the equipment in your hand after arriving at the fishing ground to prevent the fish from being in a hurry. In short, safety comes first. Please collect and pay attention to it if you like, and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!