Some Tips to Prevent Small Fish from Fishing in Wild Fishing

Small miscellaneous fish tend to prefer fishy smell, sweet taste, vigorous body and flying actions. They find bait first before the big fish arrive and tend to go up in the swimming layer of life. Therefore, understanding the habits of small miscellaneous fish is the first step. We can suit the remedy to the case if we know the habits of small miscellaneous fish.

The taste of bait should not be too exciting and the penetrating power should not be too strong. This must be considered, that is, the taste should not be too fishy, fragrant and sweet, with the original taste and faint scent as the main ones. This is a problem of taste type. However, sometimes, because of the special needs of fish, we need to add fragrance. We can add fragrance that big fish can also like, such as wheat fragrance, to improve the palatability of big fish and avoid small fish to a certain extent.

The bait cannot be atomized too well, But you can’t kill the bait, Atomization is needed but atomization should be controlled. This can be judged according to the fish situation at that time. The proportion of bait should not be too light. It should be dominated by medium or large proportion. The ratio of bait to water can be slightly smaller than usual. Of course, all this needs to be dominated by the fish situation at that time. Generally speaking, the more small miscellaneous fish, the more sticky the bait should be.

The sub-line cannot be too long. If the sub-line is too long, it will be taken away by small fish on the upper layer of the water. It is better to be about 10cm. The sub-line cannot be too soft either. If the sub-line is too soft, the frequency of changing sub-lines will be high. The standard adjustment should be adjusted as much as possible, which can effectively sort out the signals of small miscellaneous fish. Both the soft and hard tails of the buoy can be used, but the standard tail cannot be too long. Under special fish conditions, lead can even be caught.

In addition, it is also important to fish and make nests in waters with a large number of small fish. If the nest is successful, the big fish will be lured and the small miscellaneous fish will naturally run away, so you can keep a certain frequency of throwing the pole until the big fish is lured. Therefore, don’t be afraid to use bait. You can also use bait in places where there are many miscellaneous fish. Don’t be afraid of the small miscellaneous fish at the beginning, and the crucian carp will come when you fish.