The mandarin fish is the fattest in early winter. Try these fishing methods. It is not difficult to catch mandarin fish.

Mandarin fish is a rare freshwater fish, a typical carnivorous fish. It likes to eat small fish and shrimps. It is distributed all over the country, but its quantity is relatively rare. Siniperca chuatsi is a fish that can be caught all year round. For Siniperca chuatsi, there is only a difference between poor eating and exuberant eating. Unlike grass carp or silver carp and bighead carp, it stops eating completely when the water temperature is low. Note that Siniperca chuatsi is a fish that does not stop eating completely all year round, so Siniperca chuatsi can still be caught in early winter. How to catch mandarin fish, summarize some methods for your reference.

I. Main Habits of Mandarin Fish

1. Mandarin fish mainly eat small fish and shrimps, especially struggling small fish and shrimps. Many fishing methods are based on this characteristic of mandarin fish and imitate injured small fish and shrimps to fish. Therefore, live bait is used to catch mandarin fish, and small fish, shrimp and loach are all good bait. Attention should be paid to hanging bait. Live bait such as small fish and loach is often hung at the root of dorsal fin, which cannot hurt fish, thus keeping it alive for a longer time.

2. Siniperca chuatsi likes to hide in obstacles under the water, such as piers, stone crevices, stone reefs, tree holes, caves, aquatic plant areas, etc., because Siniperca chuatsi hides and takes a bite when waiting for its prey to pass by, commonly known as ambush fish, not pursuit fish. The pattern of mandarin fish is also a protective color, which also shows the characteristics of hiding and ambushing. Siniperca chuatsi prefers to feed at night and hide in underwater obstacles during the day. Therefore, the choice of fishing points should be messy and suitable for hiding.

Second, fishing methods

1. Long pole short line fishing still water

Long-pole short-line fishing for mandarin fish is the most commonly used method among the people. The matching of line groups is simple and relatively light. At present, during the dry season in winter, fishing spots are relatively good choices. All kinds of stone crevices and stone reefs are very good fishing spots. Match 7-meter and 8-meter long poles, use PE short lines, and match larger single hooks with barbs. You can not match the lead pendant. When matching the float, you need to pay attention to the large buoyancy, which can make the bait suspend. All many fishing friends wear a piece of foam on the line, so that the live bait struggles in the water layer from the bottom, which has a strong fish luring effect and is not easy to hang on the bottom.

2. Fishing Water with Hand Rod

Many rivers are flowing water, so floating is not recommended if flowing water is used. The line group is similar to fishing for still water, but lead pendant is required. As fishing points are often complicated, it is recommended to use a pendant to take the bait. Lead pendants can also be tied to stones with live buckles. If the bottom is hung, the thread group can be lifted up by pulling. Hang up the live bait and hook it into the stone crevice for lifting and teasing. If mandarin fish is hidden, it will come up with one bite, and the fish can be caught by hand feeling.

3. Throwing rod string hook

There are mainly two kinds of string hook fishing methods, one belongs to dead and the other is similar to Luya. If you wait for death, there is no requirement for the line group and fishing rod, just play it out. The fishhook must be larger. Choose a wide-door barbed fishhook. There should not be too many strings of hooks. Three or four hooks are fine. Hang small fish or loach long-range wait. Fishing points should pay attention to the selection of distant piers, available caves, etc. Lead pendants can use live buckles to tie stones; The second method is similar to Luya, which was introduced when fishing for a tilted mouth. The fishing rod needs to be lighter. Hang the bait with a string of hooks, throw it to the fishing point where there may be mandarin fish, and start to take up the line. The main point is that the lead pendant should be flat, and the bait will float up and down when taking up the wire.

Fishing mandarin fish is mainly a matter of resources. As long as the bait is properly used, it can generally be caught. Therefore, the fishing method for mandarin fish is relatively simple. It can even be said that mandarin fish is a silly fish. When you see food, you will not be polite at all. When you go up, you will have one bite. Early winter is a good time to catch mandarin fish, which is also fat at this time. The temperature is above 15 degrees, as long as there are still small fish, fishing mandarin fish is absolutely no problem. Please pay attention to it and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!