This fishing method is the first sharp weapon for the matching skills of the rocky pole sliding and floating fishing group and the fishing of big fish in the wild on the large water surface.

Tomb Sweeping Day is coming soon. After Tomb Sweeping Day, even in late spring, it is very close to summer. After Qingming Festival, the temperature will be higher, crucian carp will begin to breed and throw seeds, which will be much more difficult to catch than some time ago. At this time, the big fish are eating a lot, because the breeding season of these big fish is basically in early summer and later, which is a good time for fishing. If you want to catch big fish, you’d better choose the big water surface. At this time, the big water surface can even be said to be the best time for big fish to catch in a year. To catch big fish, one must be properly equipped. The first sharp weapon for fishermen to catch big fish is that the flying rocky pole cannot slide and drift. Therefore, this paper introduces the matching of the sliding and drift fishing group of the lower rocky pole and the drift adjustment skills, hoping to help all fishing friends.

I. Advantages of Fishing Methods

Although the hand pole can also be used to catch big fish on the big water surface, frankly speaking, it is not very good because the big fish has great strength. First, it is very difficult to walk the fish with the hand pole. Second, in order to prevent the fish from running, a large fishing group may be needed. However, if the fishing group is too thick, there may not be a bite at the end of the day, resulting in the dream of holding the big fish empty. The advantage of the rocky pole sliding floating fishing group is that it can be used as a hand pole. Due to the existence of wheels, it is more convenient to catch big fish and walk them. You can also take a long shot with a drift, which is more interesting than the explosion hook string hook and so on. You can still watch the drift move and fight with the fish for wisdom and courage. First, I’d like to talk about the matching skills of the sliding and floating fishing group, and then I’d like to talk about floating.

Second, the matching skills of the sliding and floating fishing group

In theory, the sliding and floating fishing group can be matched not only with the rocky rod, but also with the fishing rod with wheels. Luya rod, sea rod and so on can be matched and used. However, the rocky pole can be used as a hand pole, which is more interesting to play with. The rocky pole should choose a fishing pole of about 5.4, which is convenient for long-range shooting and can also be used as a hand pole. The sliding drift fishing group can be matched with various types of fishhooks, including single hook, double hook and string hook.

Point 1: Sliding and drifting, the key is that the float can slide. First of all, the choice of the float seat should be made. The float seat with strong metal ring should be selected, preferably capable of rotating. Secondly, it is necessary to limit the sliding range of floats, which is used to facilitate fishing at a certain depth. When the float slides to a certain position, it will get stuck, thus realizing fishing depth. The floating seat needs to be at a certain distance from the lead seat and the sub-thread, which can prevent the floating tail from winding with the sub-thread. This is realized by a space bean. A stop bean is needed to block the floating seat, and a cotton knot is also needed to block the stop bean, that is to say, the hole of the floating seat is relatively large and cannot be blocked by the cotton knot, so a sliding stop bean is needed to block the floating seat, but the stop bean can be blocked by the cotton knot. You can buy the stalls or use a what bead casually. You can adjust the size with 502 points in the hole and be blocked by cotton knots.

Point 2: The long-range shooting of the sliding drift fishing team requires positioning. The purpose of positioning is to catch almost one fishing point at a time. The method of realization is to tie another cotton knot to the fishing group. Note that this cotton knot is tied up after selecting a good distance during fishing, not in advance. (The cotton knot blocking the bean is tied in advance) The main point of operation is to find a punctuation mark on the other side, throw it over from a long distance, start to take up the thread to the preset position, then tie a cotton knot on the thread at the slightly part of the pole, and then throw the pole with the punctuation mark on the other side. After throwing the pole, take up the thread to the position where the cotton thread is knot to the pole, thus realizing that it is almost as far away every time. Cotton knots are of great use and do not affect the outlet and take-up. They work very well. The main points of fishing group matching are actually the above, and there will be some changes, such as adding a sea bean and wearing a lead seat on the sea bean. In other words, a detachable lead skin is added, so that only the lead drop can be adjusted when replacing the float or adjusting the float.

3. Adjustment of drift

The floating adjustment is nothing more than bottom fishing and floating fishing. The floating fishing is relatively simple. Adjust the position of the cotton knot next to the stall bean to realize the fishing depth and normal floating fishing. The bottom of the fishing is adjusted to drift, but it is difficult to catch. The difficulty is because I don’t know what the water depth is in the distance. The process is somewhat similar to the feeling of fishing and floating on a 50 cm water depth platform without looking for the bottom. It needs to look for the bottom repeatedly, but it is simple and mainly troublesome. First, adjust the drift in the nearby semi-water, adjust the first mesh or level water. Hanging double bait starts long-range shooting, constantly adjusting the position of the first cotton knot until the float is only 2 or 3 mesh above the water surface, so that the bottom can be caught normally.

This fishing method does not pursue the sensitivity of drift adjustment, nor can it be pursued, unless it is used as a hand rod, so it is almost the same to ensure that the fishing bottom is not bad. The above is the collocation and use skills of the sliding and floating fishing group. After knowing the principle, I will answer it very briefly. Please collect and pay attention to it if you like, and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!