This kind of fish tastes delicious and unusual, and most fishing friends have never caught it!

Today, I introduce a kind of less common fish, which is the flower bone fish, commonly known as majuzi and twist bone fish. It is mainly distributed in the Yangtze River valley and the south area, while the north seems to have no wood. Even in the south, this kind of fish is not common, and even fewer fishermen have caught it. Flower bone fish tastes delicious, has very high nutritional value, and is absolutely a hot fish. Today, I would like to introduce this kind of habit and related fishing methods for your reference. Fishing friends with this fish resource should not miss it.

I. Habits of Flower Bone Fish

Flower bone fish is Cyprinidae fish, saying that the most common freshwater fish is Cyprinidae fish. I believe that seeing the photo of the fish and the mouth opening down, experienced fishing friends can think that the flower bone fish is a bottom fish, and the shape of the mouth determines the search for food under the water. Flower bone fish is an omnivorous fish, which likes to feed together in groups. In natural waters, it is fed by plants in the water, moss at the bottom, insects in the water, soft-shelled animals at the bottom, and occasionally small fish. In terms of eating habits and eating characteristics, it is somewhat similar to the yellow-tailed pomfret. Another characteristic is that it has certain requirements on water quality. Places with poor water quality cannot survive and like running water. The size is not large, the largest is only 3 or 4 kg, but it is rare.

Second, choose fishing points

Flower bone fish like running water, but like to hide in the slow flow of running water, such as stone reefs, wooden stakes, branches and other obstacles, etc. Flower bone fish will hide behind these obstacles in the torrent. According to the habit of flower bone fish that likes to eat soft shell animals and moss algae under the water, it is best to choose areas with stones or sand bottom under the water. I don’t like to live in deep water, because there are no food resources such as algae and soft shells in deep water. It should be noted that any fish that likes running water either has a fast swimming speed or “crawls forward” at the bottom of the water, and the flower bone fish belongs to the latter, which also determines the fishing method of this fish.

3. Fishing Method

1. Traditional fishing

Flower bone fish like running water, but they do not only live in running water. As long as we pay attention to the characteristics of the bottom in the selection of fishing points, we can also catch flower bone fish. Traditional fishing can catch the flower bone fish better because of the eating characteristics of the flower bone fish. As mentioned above, the mouth and eating characteristics of the flower bone fish are very similar to those of the yellow tail pomfret. Both kinds of fish feed forward against the bottom of the water. Therefore, the traditional fishing lead falls to the bottom and the bait lies on the bottom, which is just suitable for the eating habits of this fish. Choose long pole short line, seven stars floating single hook line group, fishing bottom is more complicated, there are moss, there are mollusks, the water is not deep fishing points. Earthworms can be used as bait. Or choose the back of obstacles such as stone reefs and tree stumps in the running water as fishing points, and it is easy to take the bait if you make a little fun of fishing.

2. Taiwan Fishing

Flower bone fish is omnivorous, so Taiwan fishing can also be caught, and the difficulty of Taiwan fishing lies in the adjustment of drift. Traditional fishing is better to catch this kind of fish, and it is also on the drift. For Taiwan fishing, choose a fishing point with slow water flow and hard bottom. The fishing point does not need to be too deep, and it is appropriate to be about 2 meters. In the case of floating adjustment, the method of floating adjustment without sub-lines can be used. Half water is used to level the water, and then 1 or 2 mesh are found at the bottom, so that the lead drop will come to the end. Finally, hang up the sub-line and hang the bait to catch. The length of the sub-line should not exceed 10cm, otherwise the signal transmission will be slow. This method is not only beneficial to the eating of flower bone fish, but also can prevent running water from drifting.

Most of the time, fishing for a kind of fish requires a corresponding drift adjustment method. I have to say the essence of bleaching. In fact, what’s bleaching methods are all good. The ultimate goal is to make the double bait at the bottom more suitable for the target fish to eat. Therefore, what is the adjustment of drift is not so much the adjustment of eyes and fishing eyes as the adjustment of drift, which is to constantly change the state of double baits to make fish more convenient to eat, so that fish can be caught. Please collect and pay attention to it if you like, and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!