When fishing with earthworms, the float should be adjusted in this way, the fish mouth should be clearer, and the rate of medium fish should soar several times.

Earthworms are commonly known as universal bait. They are simple in materials and low in price. Almost all fish in what eat earthworms, and almost all fishing methods in what can use earthworms. Many fishing friends are used to flour bait, but when they change it into bait such as earthworms or wheat grains, they will not float. In fact, the float will be adjusted when the bait weight is taken into account. Fishing friends who have never used earthworms will ask how to adjust the drift, because the lead pendant in traditional fishing is different from that in table fishing. The lead pendant in traditional fishing is already lying on the bottom. No matter using earthworms or face bait, the double bait is lying on the bottom of the water. To be a joke, even if two shot puts are hung, the floating fishing eye will not change. However, Taiwan fishing is different. Lead pendants are usually suspended. If the bait weight is not considered, it is easy to catch the bottom. How to adjust the drift of earthworms for Taiwan fishing should be divided into two types, one is how to adjust the drift of earthworms directly, the other is how to adjust the fishing order when the bait weight changes when the surface bait is started and then replaced with earthworms.

First, two commonly used bleaching methods for earthworms are used.

1. Lower the fishing height

As earthworms are very light, they have little effect on the adjusted mesh after hanging bait, and even it can be considered that after hanging earthworms, they are actually empty hooks. At this time, if you want to ensure the bait to the end, you need to make the fishing eye larger than the adjusting eye, and the fishing eye larger than the adjusting eye, which indicates that the underwater alignment group has the supporting force, and that the fishhook has reached the end. In order to see the drift conveniently, many fishing friends still like to fish for 2 mesh, so the better method is to level the water with empty hook and half water and fish for 2 mesh, so the lower hook must be to the end. If you don’t use earthworms at this time and change the bait for fishing, you just need to float up a little and continue fishing for 2 mesh. At this time, the bait is double to the end.

2. Lead falling on the bottom

Lead pendant lying on the bottom is a common method in traditional fishing, but Taiwan fishing usually does not pursue sensitivity in wild fishing, so adjusting to lead pendant is also a good method. Although the fishing is blunt, it is better than the frequent and disorderly opening of the rod. In wild fishing, the rate of medium fish is still very important, and the frequency of lifting the rod needs to be reduced, otherwise it will have a great impact on the dens. Similarly, in order to catch the mesh on the 2nd mesh and ensure that the lead pendant reaches the bottom of the water, the method of leveling the water without a sub-line and catching the 2nd mesh is adopted, so that both fishhooks lie on the bottom of the water. It is not enough to adopt this kind of drift adjustment method, and short sub-lines must be used. As long as the lead falls to the bottom, it is best that the sub-thread should not exceed 10cm. For example, the lead falls to the bottom and runs the lead. These are all the same.

Second, how to adjust the float after replacing earthworms with surface bait

In fact, the use of earthworms is often an adjusted float, and the bait has been used for fishing all the time. Due to the problem of small fish or bad fish mouth, try it with earthworms. At this time, because earthworms are much lighter than the bait, if the position of the float is not adjusted, the bait will easily fail to reach the bottom. For example, if you want to adjust 4 mesh to 2 mesh, you need to reach 2 mesh for the lightest weight of the double bait. In this way, the double bait is suspended by one bait touching the bottom and one bait. Of course, the double bait is much heavier than 2 mesh, which can also realize the double bait. It is nothing more than that the double bait is all to the end.

If you change to earthworm fishing, you only need to pull it up and float it so that the fishing order is larger than the adjusting order. For example, you need to start fishing 4 and 2. After changing to earthworms, you only need to catch 5 or 6 orders, which can ensure that the earthworms are definitely in the end.

Fishing crucian carp in spring is actually very useful for earthworms, especially in some relatively small waters, commercial bait is often not very useful. Many fishermen still like to catch earthworms in small waters. If they have to play table fishing and adjust drift, they can refer to the above methods. Please collect and pay attention to it if you like, and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!