Wild Fishing Killing Skill: Double Falling Lead Fishing Method, How Can Lead Run?

Recently, some fishing friends asked about the double drop lead, so today I would like to introduce this fishing method. In summer, we usually choose to fish in windy days or fish in running water, because we need to find fishing spots with sufficient dissolved oxygen and low water temperature in summer. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the matching of running water, wind and online groups. Lead pendant suspension is definitely not suitable for fishing. Double falling lead can be said to be the combination of running lead and double lead. To explain double falling lead clearly, we need to introduce running lead and double lead first.

First, lead fishing

Lead fishing is also called line fishing by some fishing friends. Anyway, no matter what what calls it, it is a fishing method in which lead pendants lie on the bottom of the water, the main line can slide in the lead pendants, and fish float through hollow lead pendants. It is often used when making small fish and running water. However, if you want the thread to run, you need several necessary conditions: 1. The lead seat should be hollow and the hole should be relatively large, otherwise the thread is not easy to slide. 2. It is necessary to release the space beans at both ends of the lead seat, usually about 10cm. 3. Change into a big lead pendant and a small float to prevent fish from pulling the big float. 4. Attention must be paid to the angle problem when throwing the pole. If the line is at right angles to the lead pendant and the friction force is too large, the line will definitely not be able to run.

According to the above four points, we can barely let the line run. If the operation is slightly improper, the line will not run. Of course, we can also catch fish. However, we will either run lead fishing or the traditional lead fishing will fall to the bottom. If you don’t pay attention to the angle between the line and the water surface or the lead drop, even if you release the space bean, the line can’t run due to too much friction, resulting in the following lead drop fishing method. Lead pendants can certainly prevent small fish and drift, and of course they can also catch big fish.

II. Double Lead Wire Group

It is still the above picture. If we adjust to the lead drop to the bottom, although we can prevent drifting, the fish needs to pull the lead drop at the bottom of the water. If the fish is relatively small and cannot pull, the float will naturally not respond. In this case, in order to improve the sensitivity of the line group and at the same time let the lead fall to the bottom to reduce drift, the smart fishing friend invented the double lead line group. Double lead is a kind of wire group that can ensure that the lead drop is very heavy but has relatively high sensitivity. As shown in the figure below, the fish only needs to pull the small lead pendant under the water. It can also be understood that the suspended lead pendant helps the fish overcome the buoyancy of the float, and the float phase will naturally come out more easily.

Three, double fall lead

After understanding the running lead and double lead, let’s talk about double drop running lead. Double drop running lead means that the double lead line group releases the space beans of the lead drop below and realizes the purpose of running lead according to the four elements of running lead. It is more difficult to run on a single drop line. Can double drops really run? Or is it meaningful to run? If you want to realize double drop to run lead, you need to make the bottom drop very large. Although it can also be understood that the suspended lead pendant helps the fish pull the float, we have said that the sensitivity of the fishing method of running the line depends on the size of the float, because the fish directly pulls the float. I believe that the original intention of running lead with double pendants is to improve sensitivity, but wouldn’t it be more clever for you to change to a smaller float with single lead pendants?

Therefore, my personal suggestion is that it is difficult to ensure that the line can run at first. Of course, many fishing friends can also catch fish by using the double-drop lead. I believe that the line may not run, but only becomes the double-drop fishing method. Even if you can run, you may not have the sensitivity of the double lead wire group, because the bottom drop can be infinitely small and there are many restrictions. Therefore, improper operation of lead fishing becomes lead falling to the bottom, and improper operation of double falling and lead running becomes double lead fishing. Of course, you can catch fish, but it is not necessarily what you think! Please collect and pay attention to it if you like, and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!