Wild fishing ruthless trick: fishing big crucian carp preferred several fishing positions, here hook, don’t worry about catching fish!

Crucian carp can be said to be the “model worker” of fish. It eats all the year round, is resistant to low temperature and low oxygen, and can fish all the year round. When other fish begin to hibernate, crucian carp can still fish. Crucian carp is common. Crucian carp exists almost everywhere there is water. Wild fishing crucian carp is also liked by many fishing friends. However, if you want to catch more crucian carp, even big crucian carp, you must choose a good fishing spot. Take stock of the places where crucian carp is easy to pile up. If you go out to catch crucian carp, you may as well consider these fishing spots.

I. Fishing tributaries in large waters

Fishing in relatively large waters, such as lakes and reservoirs, is best done in tributaries that are pitiful to such large waters. Because the water in large waters is often deeper and the food is relatively scarce, fish have the habit of foraging in tributaries. Especially where large waters are connected with tributaries, it is a very suitable fishing point. Not only can we catch big crucian carp, but also carp can often meet. It can even be said that fish that have the habit of cruising and foraging will pass through the waters connected by size, because there is much food in the small waters.

2. Water inlet

The water inlet is a good fishing point, but it is not suitable for seasons with low water temperature. It is an excellent fishing point in seasons with high water temperature. Because the water inlet is cooler and has more dissolved oxygen due to the injection of running water, and there are various foods washed down, it is a favorite fishing point for fish. In particular, crucian carp and carp, which are fishes that are fond of countercurrent. However, the fishing point should be located in a slow-flowing place near the water inlet, because there will be no food in the place where the water flow is extreme and it is not convenient for the fish to stay.

Three, reed cattail root

Reeds and cattail grass are found in many small waters. This kind of place is recognized by the people as the fish nest of the big crucian carp. The big crucian carp is timid and cautious and always likes to hide. Such places are not only conducive to hiding but also often have sufficient food. Attention should be paid to the selection of such fishing points. It is best to try fishing first to see if there is any phenomenon of hanging the bottom. If there is no hanging the bottom, then make a nest to open fishing. If the bottom is found only after the nest is made, the fish nest will be completely discarded as long as the bottom is hung once.

Four, depth transition

Crucian carp is very timid and always likes to hide. The place where the depth meets the depth is the place that the big crucian carp likes very much. Because there is food in shallow water and deep water is conducive to hiding, crucian carp is most easily hidden in the place where the depth meets the depth. For depth transition, attention should be paid to the fact that the shoal area should not be large, and the terrain of various slopes should be suitable. Such slopes are the best place for depth transition. If there are aquatic plants under the gentle slope, the fishing point will be more perfect. There is also a kind of terrain, which is the depth transition of the bottom. For example, if there are pits and ditches near the dens, you can try fishing pits or the edge of the ditches, because crucian carp likes to hide in pits and ditches, and such places also meet the requirements of the bottom depth junction. Carassius auratus likes to hide in pits or ditches, but likes to come out to look for food and hide back after looking for food.

Five, the unique terrain

Carassius auratus always likes to be in different places, always in places different from the big environment, this kind of terrain is very much. There are the following rhymes: there is no grass to choose grass, more grass to choose less grass, more grass to choose grass seams; Static water is selected as living water, and living water is selected as still water. Looking for shallow in depth, looking for deep in shallow; There are many related fishing proverbs, and the key point is the word “different”.

The choice of fishing points should be based on the climate. The water temperature, dissolved oxygen and food conditions of different fishing points are also different under different climate conditions. Considering the three-trend characteristics of fish in combination with the climate characteristics, fish nests can be found better. Please collect and pay attention to it if you like, and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!