Winter fishing 4 taboos, fishing veterans all understand the routine

Winter fishing is usually mainly for crucian carp, so the first taboo of winter fishing is improper use of line groups. Although carp and bream will also open their mouths in winter, the probability of encountering them is very small, so it is still necessary to use small line groups to fish crucian carp. As the hooks used are relatively small, even if carp is encountered, it is easy to slip the hooks, so the probability of catching them is relatively small. Even if they are caught, they usually do not run fish through soft rods and thin lines. At the beginning of spring last year, the 0.8 sub-line caught 9 kg of carp, and there were three. The struggle of the fish in winter was very small, so long as we paid attention to certain skills, there was not much problem. Then I will talk about other routines, hoping to be helpful to all fishing friends.

First, avoid blind fishing

The time has passed the severe cold and the temperature is relatively low. The weather choice for fishing is very important. In fact, the choice of weather is still the choice of water temperature in the final analysis. The range of weather change is small, and the range of water temperature change is also small. Such weather and water temperature crucian carp are open. However, the weather is generally cold after the severe cold. Cold has little effect on crucian carp fishing. The key lies in whether the water temperature is stable. Therefore, the weather should choose the weather with stable temperature in the near future and relatively small temperature difference between day and night. Generally speaking, cloudy days are better than foggy days, foggy days are better than sunny days, and weather such as wind, snow and rain with large temperature changes is not suitable for fishing. No matter how addicted you are to fishing, you should also pay attention to the weather choice, look at the recent weather forecast, remember to fish blindly, and choose the right weather to hit. The light in sunny days in winter is also very bad, not to mention cloudy days and foggy days, so the choice of floating must be appropriate, otherwise the fish mouth is light and the floating phase cannot be seen at all, and it is better to choose cloudy days so that the floating tail can see more clearly.

Second, avoid fishing shallow

Fishing proverbs say that fishing is deep in winter and far in winter, but this also depends on the area. I have seen the distribution of fishing friends that I have paid attention to. They are basically in the Yangtze River Basin, and I happen to be in the Yangtze River Basin. Generally speaking, the temperature is the same, the lowest temperature is about 0 degrees, and the highest temperature is basically below 10 degrees. First of all, the water temperature has a certain relationship with the temperature. The water temperature is far lower than the temperature in winter, even on sunny days. The temperature change of water is also slower than that of soil, so the temperature of shallow water will only be lower when the temperature itself is not high. In this season, even if it is sunny, the shallow water will not heat up. This is not early winter, and fish seldom pull over, so it is still mainly fishing far and deep. I took a fishing trip at the weekend, using a 4.5 pole. At the end of the day, I only caught 4 crucian carp. A friend’s 13-meter pole was traditionally caught. The fishing was several meters farther than mine, and the fish mouth was one meter better. Therefore, it is easier to find fish nests by fishing far and deep in winter.

Three, avoid small nest, nest quantity is large

Fishing is difficult in winter, but crucian carp is easy to swarm, so you can catch fish even if you don’t make a nest. In winter, fish have a small range of activities, so even if they nest, they may not be able to lure fish. Many fishing friends like to try fishing with long rods. When they find a mouth, they make a nest. When they find a nest, they gather the fish of several square meters around and catch it. Usually, how many nests do you have and take turns to fish, so if conditions permit, you can make more nests, thus the chances of finding fish are much greater. However, the amount of nest materials should be less. Many fishing friends like to use wine and rice to make nests in winter. In fact, it is better to use fine powder nest materials and add a little wine and rice for winter fishing, which not only lures fish quickly, but also has nothing to eat after the fish enter the nest. Naturally, it is better to catch some fish.

Four, avoid using bait is not fresh

In order to improve the fish luring effect of the bait, it is best to use peristaltic insect bait, and the bait must be kept fresh. Earthworms, red worms, red worms and earthworms are easy to die if they wear hooks, so remember to replace them with fresh ones. Using insect bait in other seasons, even if the insect bait is dead, even the red worm can catch fish with only one layer of skin left, but not in winter.

Winter fishing has a routine of winter fishing. The last taboo is that the size of the water area is different and the fishing method is also different. Don’t have to play table fishing. Try to play traditional fishing, and the catch will be more guaranteed in winter. Please collect and pay attention to it if you like, and update it on time every day. Thank you for your fishing friends!