Apart from the flavor-based nest-making details, these six points are also crucial.

The last article was to explain the thinking and some points on the selection of nest materials for the target fish in this season. This article told the fishing friends about the more detailed points that you may not notice when making nest at ordinary times, hoping to help the fishing friends.

 1. A bait nest has different effects under windy and calm conditions. The reason why the bait nest gathers fish is that the bait emits the smell that fish like in the water. In calm still water, the smell of bait slowly spreads around. In the case of wind and waves, it will spread rapidly along the downwind direction. If there are more fish downwind, the fish will follow the smell into the dens. The width of the waters on both sides of each fishing point is different. Generally speaking, the wide side has large and many fish and the narrow side has small and few fish.

2. The nesting should be carried out after the water line is adjusted, the fishing point is selected and the hook is put into the fishing point. Only then can the nesting be accurate.

4. Don’t make too many nests or make several nests in the same place. In this way, the dispersion of fish can be relatively reduced and the fish can be gathered in a small range as far as possible. After all, the number of fish attracted by a nest is limited. Don’t let the fish be too scattered to fish.

6. The nesting method is proper. The nesting is mainly scattered, but there is also a degree of scattered, usually in the range of 30-60cm. If the nesting is too scattered, the effect of luring fish will not be good.