As long as there is this crucian carp fishing method in summer, it should be fished at least five times a week. If you don’t believe it, try it.

As we all know, from June to June every year, outdoor fishermen are almost always fishing for carp, herring or silver carp, bighead carp and other large objects. However, I think it is also very enjoyable to catch crucian carp if you pay a little attention to some fishing techniques. Of course, as far as I am concerned, as long as the fish is in good condition, I will catch it at least five times a week, and I will not be happy with it. Every time I catch it, it will be ideal.
Wheat grain fishing method
In fact, the so-called “wheat grain fishing method” is nothing more than a crucian carp fishing method that uses wheat grains as bait and then lightly picks the fishing rod to “lift and tease” when the fish is in bad condition. Because the taste type of wheat grains is closer to the “taste” of nature, and the weather is so hot, the use of commercial bait with high temperature is bound to attract too many small miscellaneous fish to rob food.
Wine and rice fishing method
Perhaps in the eyes of many fishermen, wine rice grains are only a kind of nest material for making nests and gathering fish. However, I think that as long as the valve core on the bicycle is pulled out, then cut into small pieces with scissors, and the valve core is sleeved on the rice grains with the help of red worm clips, it is also possible to catch large plate crucian carp. Of course, if you don’t want to bother, you can also directly put millet grains into the bait during the bait opening process.
Dipping in rice fishing method
Of course, in addition to the above two special fishing methods, in the process of fishing crucian carp, if you encounter too much noise from miscellaneous fish, it is recommended to choose dipping rice fishing method. Although the operation is complicated, it is more than enough to deal with crucian carp.
Repeatedly stressed, first dip the fishhook in water, then dip it in the water and shake it three times, then dip it in the water, and finally wrap it in a layer of millet to make fishing. After the bait enters the water, a small part of millet will be scattered first. With the increase of the frequency of throwing poles, more and more sunken millet will form dens, thus attracting more and more fish.