As soon as summer arrives, crucian carp wants to catch as long as I say. It wants to catch every three to five days.

Every year when the weather is hot, almost 80% of fishermen mainly catch big fish, because now is the golden season for fishing big fish.

However, due to limited resources and relatively small probability of encountering large objects in natural waters, I had to choose to catch crucian carp in order to solve my fishing addiction. Of course, as far as I am concerned, every summer when I arrive, I only need to use the following crucian carp fishing methods, and I want to catch crucian carp every three to five days, and the crucian carp I catch is very large!

Flexible selection of fishing spots:

As the saying goes, “three-point fishing skill and seven-point fishing skill”, although there is no worry about not having crucian carp to catch in this season, if you want to catch a satisfactory crucian carp, you must flexibly adjust your fishing position. For example, in extremely hot weather, the fishing position can be selected at the water inlet with high dissolved oxygen and abundant food, or in some cool places, such as beside buildings. However, in case of rainy days, the fishing position should be set at the slightly shallower edge of aquatic plants or the junction of depth and depth.

Principle of collocation of nest and bait

It is necessary to make a nest ‘. The purpose of making a nest is to lure and gather fish. In the wild fishing, the density of crucian carp is relatively low, and there are various small miscellaneous fish and other fish in the water.

When we have chosen the fishing position, the first thing to do is to detect the underwater situation (including water depth) to see if there are obstacles. If there are no obstacles, we can start fishing. As for the what nest material used for fishing crucian carp in summer, I personally think that if there are not many miscellaneous fish in the fishing waters, you can choose wine rice plus chicken feed or mix it with other commercial powder bait.

In addition, in terms of bait, if you only want to specialize in large crucian carp and catch large crucian carp from small crucian carp piles, then you only need to match a light bait or directly choose wheat bait for fishing!

Floating to adjust fishing spirit blunt

As we all know, floating fishing has always been the most hotly discussed issue among fishermen. Some people think that fishing crucian carp should be based on some spirits. After all, floating and floating transfer faster. However, most people have neglected a problem. Although there are many fishing spirits and floating phases, if they encounter waters with more miscellaneous fish, they should mainly lower the fishing height. In short, floating to adjust fishing spirits and bluntness is entirely a flexible choice based on fish conditions, water regime and weather.