Can’t snails be used for fishing herring in the future? The fisherman refuted the rumor.

Online: List of National Key Protected Wild Animals (Draft for Comments) is open for comments. Some sharp-eyed people found that “snails” were listed in the national list of second-class protected animals…
Immediately, some fishermen did not calm down, and even “fried groups” appeared, because the familiar “snails” were not only delicious food, but also high-quality bait for catching herring, catfish, gayfish and even carp-once classified as national protected animals, wouldn’t they not be able to be used for fishing in the future?
Is this really the case? In fact, fishermen are very familiar with “snails”. Today we will approach “snails” to solve everyone’s questions.
Is what the “snail” to be protected?
In fact, like medicine, Latin is commonly used for naming international and professional disciplines, which effectively avoids confusion caused by many “general designations” and “nicknames”. It is not uncommon for fishing circles to have confusion in terms of terms, and this problem also appears in all walks of life. For example, the noun “vanilla”, based on different understandings and uses, businesses can give you as many as 7.8 different things…
This time, the proposed protection is to be classified as a second-class protected animal, and the actual Latin name is Margarya melanioides. It is mainly grown in Yunnan Province, not the category that people often eat and fish. Take Guangxi, which loves to eat “snails” best, as an example. The only freshwater snail protected is called “Honghe wart snail”, which is not the common one on the market.
Snails. Source: Network
Is what the “snail” we use for fishing?
Many fishermen know that “snails” are used to catch herring. In some areas, it is widely used in many fish species. However, the “snails” in people’s mouths are only collectively referred to or even “nicknames”-in fact, we use snails, stone snails and other categories for fishing, rather than the “snails” that are planned to be protected through the Internet.
“Snail” is used as bait. In today’s big pond, it mainly catches herring and catches big fish in miscellaneous fish schools. It can be said that it is as famous as corn.
• Field snails
Scientific name of field snail: Chinese round field snail is the most widely distributed freshwater snail in China, and it is also the snail most used by fishermen. Especially in the north and other areas, it is very common to fish with “snails” such as field snails. Field snails have several advantages as bait:
1. Strong pertinence. In addition to fishing herring, field snails are also excellent bait for fishing large grass carp, carp, catfish and other fish species in many areas and under the premise of interference.
2. Good ability to resist miscellaneous fish. Especially in the season of high water temperature, fighting against miscellaneous fish has almost become the “main business” of fishermen, and the bait of field snails can do this well.
3. The price is low and easy to obtain. It is very easy to obtain snails whether you buy them in the market or “take them yourself” in some pits, ponds and rivers.
4, easy to wear hook
The shell of the snail is thin, the meat is thick and the juice is abundant, so it is relatively easier to “wear” the hook. However, there are also some key points for attention, especially for the embarrassing fishing of large herring and grass carp, it is necessary to “penetrate the shell” to take the bait safely.
• Stone snails
Stone snails are also called “pit snails” and tend to be called “snails” by many fishermen. Compared with the field snail, the stone snail has a hard, thick shell and tight meat quality, which is considered as a better bait for fishing herring, thus the herring has the reputation of “snail green”. Because of its hard shell, stone snails seldom “penetrate the shell” and hook when fishing. The main use method is to penetrate the lower part of the snail mouth cover or even hook the snail meat.
If you still want to wear the shell hook, you need to specially prepare the “shell drilling” tool. If you still use the fishhook to pierce it repeatedly, it will not only be very laborious, but also easily cause the fishhook to “tip down” and become blunt.
Selection Skills of “Snail” Fishing
How to choose the type?
No matter whether the “snails” use field snails or stone snails, in fact, the first thing is the restriction of the region. On the contrary, there is no need to tangle too much with the species. In line with the basic purpose of fishing, it is better to use the one that is easily available.
How about shelling? Or snail meat is better?
Some common secrets of fishing with “snails” are about the usage of various snail meat, and even there are suggestions to use the additive “dizzy” shell snails to make nests first, and then use snail meat hooks for fishing… In fact, no matter which method, it must be based on the actual premise and needs.
For example, many small miscellaneous fish are very noisy, so it is not recommended to use snail hook at this time. Another example is that if you need a long time of embarrassing fishing, you are determined to “take the big from the small”. At this time, the “snails” with shells and hooks are often better used. On the other hand, it is only on the premise that there are few small fish, the fish mouth is fast, and the fishing needs to be “sensitive” and the water temperature is low that snail meat needs to be used for fishing. At this time, one hook with shell “snail” and one hook with snail meat can also be matched.
How about using what’s “small medicine”?
Finally, additives, in essence, can be used for fishing mainly with “snails” without additives, especially some additives of fishing medicated liquor and chemical essence, which have a negative effect on the effect of “snails”. Especially when fishing for big fish, it is better not to use the additive than to abuse it when it does not know the nature of the additive and has not been tested.
The final induction, summary and reminder
There is confusion in terms in many industries, and the word “Geng” should be added to the fishing field. Through the “refutation” of this article, we don’t need to struggle with the use of snails, but still pay more attention to how to use them and how to fish more efficiently. I wrote this article to see the news of a fishing group’s “frying pan”, saying that fishing snails will protect animals in the future, not to mention eating, and fishing will not be used… in fact, this is not the case, fishermen can rest assured ~