Denial: The failure to catch fish in summer is not due to poor skills, but due to these three points.

As the temperature gets higher and higher, the “dog days” of the year, the hottest season of the year, have arrived. “High temperature, dryness and heat, high humidity” are the characteristics of summer, but for our fishing friends, besides enduring high temperature, it is also difficult to harvest well in summer fishing, because fish are often not caught, so why can’t fish be caught?
Some fishing friends say that failure to catch fish is due to poor skills. Is it really due to poor skills? Baldheaded felt that this was not the problem, it was just a rumor! Why do you say that? There are three reasons.
Too many small fish is also a reason.
First of all, the temperature is too high, “the water temperature changes greatly”
Although the temperature is high in summer, the temperature changes greatly. Because the temperature difference between morning and evening is very different from the temperature difference at noon, and the fish situation is also different.
1) Good fishing in the morning and evening. In summer, the temperature is relatively low in the morning and evening. Many fishing friends have a good feeling when fishing in the morning and evening, even at night. Because the temperature has not increased at this time, the water temperature has not increased, the fish feeling is relatively good, and they eat hooks frequently.
For example, some fishing friends got up early in the morning to go fishing, even when they arrived at the water’s edge, it was just dawn, and when they caught more than 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock, they closed their stalls. Or start fishing at 3 pm and catch dark. The reason for such fishing is to avoid the high temperature at noon and the window period when fish are in bad mood at noon.
Summer is a good time to fish in the morning and evening.
2) The fish sentiment is bad at noon. In fact, no matter in summer or other seasons, the noon temperature is the highest in a day, but the fish sentiment is the worst! Because with the increase of noon temperature, the air pressure decreases, and the water temperature also slowly increases, this water temperature is only the water temperature on the surface of the water is increasing, the water temperature on the bottom of the water is not increasing, and oxygen will drop in the water body, so the fish are not adapted, thus the fish are in poor mood.
For example, in some shallow water areas, the water temperature rises rapidly, and fish simply cannot adapt to the rapidly rising water temperature, thus avoiding deep water or shady surface (water surface that cannot be exposed to the sun). As a result, there are no fish in our fishing positions in the morning and evening, thus the harvest is poor. At noon, the oxygen content in the water area decreases. When the fish lack oxygen, the fish situation becomes worse and the harvest becomes worse.
At noon, the fish are in love with each other.
Fish is a temperature-changing animal. It does not generate temperature by itself. Its temperature changes with the change of water temperature. When the water temperature is too low or too high, the fish does not adapt to the water temperature, thus it does not eat hooks, thus achieving poor harvest. This is the reason why the fish is in love, not because the fishing technology is poor and cannot catch fish.
Secondly, fish are more active, “I don’t know where the fish is.”
Fish are not active when the water temperature is low and are very active when the water temperature is high. However, when the water temperature in summer is the highest in a year, fish are relatively active, full of water activities and swimming all the time. We do not know where the fish is, and the fishing position is only a guess.
1) The amount of fish activity is large. In summer, due to the relatively high water temperature, the metabolism of fish is relatively fast, and a large amount of food is needed to supplement nutrition. If you want to eat more food, you need to spend a lot of time looking for food.
For example, the fish are full of water, the water is wide and the fish are sparse, and the fishing is serious. It is not certain that the fish will not enter the nest after the nest is made. Sometimes after the nest is made, the fish will not enter the nest for a long time, and there will be no fish to eat the hook.
Fish activity is high
2), I don’t know where the fish is. As the saying goes, “summer fishing pool” means fishing deep water in summer, because the water temperature in deep water is relatively stable. In fact, no matter what kind of fishing position selection method is, it is just a reference! How to choose the specific, or to combine the water regime, the fish situation, the temperature and the food, not just summer fishing pool will have fish to eat hooks.
For example, when we fish, we often find that there are no fish to eat in our nest, and the fishing friends nearby are in good condition. Most of the time, it is not a matter of fishing skills, but a matter of fishing positions. Some fishing positions do not have many fish.
I don’t know where the fish is.
Fish are very active in summer. Even if you think this fishing position is very good, whether there are fish is still a big problem. There are many reasons why we can’t catch fish. The most common thing is that the fish are scattered. If you don’t know where the fish are, you can’t catch the fish without the fish in the nest. It’s not that the technology is poor.
In the end, the fish school was relatively small, “after catching a few fish, there was no fish to eat.”
In summer, the fish are scattered and there are few large groups of activities. In addition, there are many large fish. After the large fish enter the nest, it is also a problem whether to eat the hook or not, but after the large fish enter the nest, the crucian carp has gone!
The fish school is relatively small. Due to the problem of resources, when many fishing friends fish in summer, the target fish is crucian carp. However, even crucian carp is only in small groups, with more than a dozen groups. It is difficult to move in large groups when the temperature is low. The fish situation is relatively small and the harvest is relatively small.
For example, after the crucian carp enters the nest in small groups, it may catch 1-2 crucian carps, and other crucian carps are already frightened and flee the nest. Even if there are more people entering the nest, not many can be caught. Even if there are 1-20 crucian carp entering the nest at a time, how many do you think you can catch? The relatively small number of fish schools is also one of the reasons for the low harvest.
Carassius auratus fish school is relatively small,
Large fish don’t eat hooks, fishing friends all have a big fish dream, but do you think they will eat hooks after the big fish enter the nest? Fish can grow up, I don’t know how much wind and rain I have experienced, and I don’t know how many fishing friends’ hooks I have experienced! Even if you will enter the nest, the chances of eating the hook are slim because you are too smart.
For example, when we fish, we always find strings of fish bubbles popping up in the nest. Some of these fish bubbles are formed by big fish foraging at the bottom of the water, and some are fish bubbles that big fish watch outside the nest. Although big fish often enter nests, they do not eat hooks. Most of the time, big fish cannot catch them. Besides not catching big fish, small fish are also scared away by big fish.
Big fish don’t eat hooks after entering their nests.
The crucian carp has a small school of fish and cannot catch much fish after entering the nest. The big fish does not eat hooks after entering the nest and scares the small fish away. These two reasons are often encountered in fishing, resulting in poor harvest. There are not many fish in the nest. Big fish don’t eat hooks when entering the nest. How do you think it is possible to harvest well, so it is not that fishing skills are poor.
Baldheaded Summary: There are many reasons why we can’t catch fish, not because of poor technology, but because “the water temperature changes greatly, we don’t know where the fish is, and after catching a few fish, there will be no fish to eat”. These reasons are combined to result in poor harvest, and we can’t catch a few fish.
Some people will say, why do some people get good results? Wild fishing sometimes has a lot of luck, just like the 4th pole touched a huge object after the bald head hit the nest the day before yesterday. This kind of luck is relatively small! Most of the time, the harvest is very poor, but when the fish is in good condition, the harvest is generally good, but then again, when the fish is in good condition, anyone can harvest well, don’t you think?