Don’t worry if you can’t use the bait well. After reading these introductions, you can use the bait well.

Fishing is about to begin. How should I match the bait? A little for this, a little for that. There are a lot of things to match, and we should be able to catch fish this time.
The fishing was over, but there was still no fish. This is the case once and twice. It’s really helpless. This is the situation in what. It always happens. Forget it. I’ll ask Lao Cao!
This is what my friend told me about his situation. It is said that every time I fish, I worry about how to use bait. Every time I match many kinds of bait, but I just can’t catch fish! In fact, I believe that not only my friends have encountered such things, but most people will. Clearly, the bait used was sufficient, but it was impossible to catch it. The fish did not give any face.
The same was true of me when I was fishing in the early days. At first, I almost lost confidence in fishing. However, it was only after being instructed by others that they knew how to use the bait correctly. In this issue, I will not be the suspense. Today, I will focus on introducing some bait to fishing friends. After mastering these, I can make good use of the bait.
Taste transmission
A bait has its own flavor, and most of the time fishing friends open bait according to their own preferences. It smells good. This is good bait. In fact, it is wrong to think so. Although the taste is good, if the spread speed is slow or affected by other factors, then this bait is a failed bait. Therefore, if you want to use bait well, you have to understand how it spreads the taste.
Taste propagates in the air, which is separated by molecules of a certain substance. Under the action of wind blowing, the taste will spread rapidly, causing the smell to spread rapidly and make people smell it. However, the premise is the taste at the lower tuyere. If it is the upper tuyere, the general taste is difficult to spread and basically cannot be smelled.
Of course, taste spreads in water, but it is not as simple as it spreads in air. It is affected by many factors. If there are more organisms in the water and the water quality is relatively poor, then the odor transmission is relatively poor. If you really want to spread, you can only rely on it to move, not to flow like air. In other words, the bait particles are more and can be dispersed better, so the taste will be spread better.
Therefore, we can come to a conclusion that the shade of bait taste does not allow fish to gather quickly, but depends on the characteristics of bait and the quality of water quality, which determines the taste transmission power. Therefore, when matching bait, do not replace fish with human feelings. This will only waste things and will not catch fish.
Fish eat bait in what
As long as they are fish in nature, their demand for food is relatively large. The food that can be given in nature is relatively limited, so long as the bait is not difficult to fish. Of course, it is easy to say, but it is not so easy to use bait. What kind of bait is appropriate? First of all, we must solve two problems, one is the vigilance of fish, the other is to let fish gather more and more.
Fish in nature are more alert and generally do not easily eat bait. But if you reduce your vigilance, it will naturally be easy to catch fish. So how to reduce it? First, refer to the taste that the fish likes in the seasonal bait, and second, add a small amount of protein, which is a must for the fish body. Finally, add something familiar to the fish, such as mud on the shore or some withered aquatic plants. These tastes make the fish familiar and it is much easier to reduce their vigilance.
Fish belong to cluster species. If there are more fish in the nest, there will only be more and more. If there are fewer fish, there will only be fewer. Moreover, when there are too many fish, everyone will rush to eat them, so when matching the bait, try to combine the actual situation with the actual situation, or use two kinds of bait. One for bait and one for bait.
There are more particulate powder in the bait, which can satisfy the requirements of attracting fish and retaining fish. It can be made into loose gun bait for nest fishing, while hand bait is naturally to satisfy the fish’s eating mouth. No matter the taste or palatability, of course there is also the control of the state. These things are relatively easy to say. In fact, it depends on the fishing friends’ own hand feeling and constant attempts. Only in this way can bait be used.
There has always been a saying in fishing circles that three years of pole practice and five years of bait practice. We can also see the importance of bait in fishing. It can’t be used overnight. It needs to accumulate over time and the patient study of fishing friends.
Experience with Bait
In fact, when fishing with bait, I think everyone should try to make the bait fluffy when mastering the state. Don’t let the bait be too solid, otherwise it will affect the import. Of course, some people will say that the bait is too loose and falls off faster, so there is no bait on the hook. How can you go fishing? In fact, this worry is unnecessary, because the hook is still in the bait when lying on the bottom, and the fish will suck the hook when inhaling, so that the fish can still be caught.
The fluffy state of the bait can also lure fish. Of course, if the bait is not properly handled, if it is too sticky. In fact, the bait can be kneaded into a ball, which is as small as sugar beans. This operation can also improve the portability. In fact, as can be seen from the above, the premise of using good bait is to constantly try and change. Fishing is easier to meet the needs of fish.