Fishing grass carp at the bottom of the hand pole in summer, these skills help you easily catch big grass carp!

Summer is hot and high temperature, so it is a very good choice to choose high temperature resistant grass carp as the target fish. There are many fishing methods for grass carp, such as hand rod, string hook, rocky rod sliding and floating, throwing rod explosive hook, etc., which can be used to catch grass carp. The key to fishing grass carp in summer is to find the fish layer, know whether the fish is on the water meter or at the bottom, and choose the appropriate fishing method to catch grass carp well.

First, fishing bottom or floating

Grass carp can be said to be a fish in the whole swimming layer. The weather, water temperature, water depth and other conditions are different, and the location is different. It is still suitable to fish at the bottom, mainly depending on the weather and temperature. Generally speaking, the bottom layer is anoxic in sunny weather, but grass carp is not resistant to hypoxia, so it will mainly move in the middle and upper layers. At this time, fishing and floating should be the main method. Grass carp is especially active after summer rain, and it is mainly fishing and floating at this time. It should be noted that if dissolved oxygen in the middle and lower layers can meet the needs of grass carp, grass carp will not float upward, because shallow water is definitely not as safe as deep water. In the morning and evening of summer, fishing grass carp in cooling days will be better at the bottom than floating. If the water in the fishing ground is very deep, then there is basically no need to consider it. It is good to fish and float.

Second, choose fishing points

Grass carp likes to be quiet and can eat. Attention should be paid to these factors when choosing fishing spots. First of all, grass carp will dare to pull over and eat if it chooses a quieter and remote location. Grass carp is very edible, especially in the most active summer. Grass carp can often be found in food-rich places. For example, the reservoir bay, or the small water area connected by the large and small water areas, is still a good place to catch grass carp because the food area is larger and the water is deeper. Even if the area here is small and the water is not deep, it is still a good place to catch grass carp. The vicinity of the lower air outlet and the water inlet is also an excellent place to catch grass carp in summer, but it should be noted that grass carp does not like muddy water and should choose places that are not too muddy as far as possible. The banks of reservoirs or rivers with crops and fruit trees are also good places to catch grass carp. In particular, shore crops can be used as bait, which makes it easier to catch grass carp.

3. Nest Material

There are many ways to catch grass carp and make a base nest, which are briefly introduced here. Some fishing friends like to use tender grass to make nests. The method is to remove the roots after mowing the grass on the bank, tie it to the stone and sink to the bottom of the water, and use grass to make nests to catch grass carp, which can achieve a very lasting nesting effect. However, it should be noted that not all grass carp in what waters like to eat grass. Fishing friends in the south prefer to use bran lumps to make nests to catch grass carp. Bran lumps are fried rice until brown and oil is produced. After crushing, glutinous rice porridge is added to make lumps of nests, which are used after drying in the sun. You can wear a hole in the middle, tie a rope to make a nest, recover the nest material after fishing, and continue to use it next time after drying in the sun.

4. Bait

The choice of bait varies slightly from season to season. In spring and autumn when the temperature is low, the effect of insect bait is very good. Don’t think grass carp only likes eating grass. Eating grass is the helpless choice for grass carp without higher-level food. Starting from midsummer, crickets, grasshoppers and other baits catch grass carp, and the effect is very good. In addition to these insect baits, the most commonly used bait should be the bait made of corn. The two major flavor types of grass carp fishing are slightly acidic and slightly alcoholic. The special place is that the effect of slightly acidic is not good, the effect of alcohol is good, the effect of alcohol is not good, and the effect of slightly acidic is good. The analysis of fishing friends may be related to the pH value of water quality. Therefore, the slightly acidic bait that is simply made and fermented for a short period of time, and the wine-flavored bait that is simply soaked in rice wine and beer can all be brought with you. If this kind of bait cannot be replaced by another kind, it will often have miraculous effects.

Grass carp is large in size and should be suitable for fishing methods. In addition to matching the long-handed pole with the single hook line, you can also try the long-range fishing method of the rocky pole, which will be easier in the wild fishing. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!