[Fishing Skills] How to Choose Fishing Position for Wild Fishing? Share 8 Fish Gathering Places

If you want to get a good fish, it is very important to find it. A good fishing position is close to the place where the fish gather. If you lure the fish into a nest, you will soon gather the fish together. At this moment, you will get twice the result with half the effort.So how do we know where there are more fish in a water areaWhere is it?In fact, as long as everything is carefully observed, summarized and analyzed, We can find out some rules, and the fish nest is no exception. In fact, there are traces to follow in all the places where the fish move. We only need to know some characteristics of the fish nest, and we will soon be able to follow these rules to find the places where the fish are found. At this time, fishing again will greatly reduce the time we wait for the fish to gather.

1. When the terrain at the bottom of the water is relatively flat, look for grooves, snags, slopes and pits;When the underwater terrain is complex and changeable, leveling beaches, slopes and dams, even a small piece can be used.
2, shallow to deep, deep to shallow. Find deep pits and trenches in shallow water areas, even if it is only a few centimeters deep in some places. Looking for a high platform in deep water, even if it is only a few centimeters higher, especially at the junction of the slope and the plane, these are the only ways for fish.
3. Find canals when the water rises and valleys when the water withdraws. Because fish prefer to “drift with the flow”, they look for channels during the flood season, especially those submerged ditches. One inch of water will be withdrawn, one foot of fish will be withdrawn, and water will be withdrawn to find rivers, especially those old rivers.
4, long look for waist, square look for horn. Find the waist of the long fishing ground and the four sides of the square fishing ground.
5, Urgent to find stability, flow to find slow. Find a position slightly faster than stable water and slower than rapids in rapids. As the deep water flow is faster and the shallow water flow is slower, a white and bright watermark will be formed in the middle. Fishing friends will find it after careful observation.
6, dense to find thin, thin to find dense. If the selected fishing ground has aquatic plants, then when there are more aquatic plants, you should look for places with less grass and when there is less grass, you should look for places with relatively more grass.

7, wide to narrow, flat to bend.Find narrow sections in wide waters and concave and convex parts on straight banks.
8. Find the inlet. The bifurcation of a river into two rivers. The deep water area at the bend is a good place. The two rivers merge into a branch of one river, and the part where the rapids enter is a good place.
Although the above are all recognized fish holes by fishing friends, the search for fishways will also be affected by many factors such as temperature, oxygen content, food and so on, and is not static. Therefore, fishing friends should choose suitable fish holes according to the actual fishing conditions. I hope everyone can catch full fish.