[Fishing Skills] How to Choose Fishing Position? Memorize 5 rhymes

Anglers all know the importance of fishing position for fishing, and choosing fishing position is also a very important link in the fishing process. There are certain rules for fish’s activities and active time in the water. If we can find out the rules, we can find fish. Here are some rhymes for choosing fishing positions:

First, the veteran relies on experience, while the novice is convenient.

An experienced fisherman. In selecting fishing positions, many years of experience and practice are relied on. After reaching the fishing waters, the most suitable fishing position can be selected in a short time. However, when beginners choose the fishing position, most of them choose the place where it is convenient to operate the fishing group as the fishing position.

Two, fishing west in the morning, fishing east in the afternoon; If you want to catch more, you will catch less.

There is no what skill in fishing in the east or west. This has something to do with the sun in the east in the morning and in the west in the afternoon. As for fishing west but not east in the morning, this is to prevent figures and pole shadows from falling into the water and causing scare to fish.
Moreover, benthic fish like to be active in the downwind most, because the wind will cause microorganisms, algae, etc. on the surface of the water body to gather in the downwind, so fish are active in the downwind for convenience of eating. When the wind is strong, it will affect the operation of the fishing group. Therefore, some fishing friends will choose to fish in the windward place. Not only is it convenient to operate the fishing group, but also a good catch can be obtained.
Tests have proved that fish are not completely concentrated in the downwind. When the oxygen content in the upper tuyere is high, some fish will choose to inhabit the upwind, such as grass carp and bream.

Three, catch near in the morning and evening, catch far in the afternoon; It is cloudy and rainy, but it is fishing at night.

Early in the morning and evening, it is cloudy and rainy. As there is no sunshine, the light is dark and the environment is quiet, then the fish will swim to shallow water to move. Because it is connected with the land, the food is abundant and convenient for fish to feed.
Fishing far away at noon is the opposite. The so-called afternoon refers to 10: 00 a.m. to 3: 00 p.m. Because the light is too strong and the water temperature in shallow water is too high, fish will not swim to shallow water. Therefore, the place far from the shore should be set as the fishing point.

Four, the river fishing branch, someone fishing place don’t leave

If rivers that are not familiar with them are set as the target waters, it is relatively easy to choose a suitable fishing position. Under normal circumstances, the water inlet of tributaries of rivers is a good fishing position. The so-called “don’t leave the fishing place” means that some fishing friends have fished here, which is a relatively reliable fishing place. So don’t let go of such fishing positions.

Five, fishing catch shrimp, advise you to move quickly

When fishing here, as long as the shrimps are caught, it proves that there are no large-sized fish in this water area, or this is not the place where fish like to come, so the shrimps will be caught. Therefore, it is suggested that fishing friends change their fishing positions.
If the loach is caught, the fishing position should also be changed. This is because loach is the fish most afraid of large size. If small fish always bite the hook, then it also proves that it is impossible to catch large fish, so the fishing position should also be changed.