[Fishing Skills] Several Simple Methods and Precautions for Fishing Position Selection

Some fishermen said that if they choose a fishing position, they will basically be able to catch fish, and if they are lucky, they may be able to explode and protect them. This shows the importance of fishing position selection for fishing. If a fishing position is selected, even if the fishing skill is not very good, it is still likely to catch fish. If we sit in a position without fish, it will take more time and energy to lure fish. No matter how high our fishing skill is, it is difficult to get good results. Let’s introduce some principles and methods of fishing position selection to help everyone choose a fishing position better.

I. Simple and Effective Selection Method

1. First push the old fishing position
That is to say, some people often make fishing positions. This kind of fishing position forms a foraging habit because people often make fishing. After making a nest, the fish will gather in the nest soon. However, attention should be paid to observing at ordinary times and combining with the local habit of using rod length to accurately find the fishing position. If the fishing position is the old fishing position but the nest position is wrong, there will be no good receipt.
2. Use fish finder
At present, there are two kinds of fish detectors, ultrasonic and underwater cameras. Ultrasonic fish detectors are suitable for turbid water quality and have good deep water effect. Shallow water effect below 2 meters needs to be improved. Underwater camera fish detector is suitable for shallow water, with clear water quality and poor muddy water effect. If conditions permit, it can be equipped with selective fishing points.

Second, according to the time, terrain, hydrological fish condition selection method

Before and after the fishing ground is selected, it is of great help to know the fish species, water depth and underwater topography, and to observe the distribution and topography of aquatic plants. Position selection: It is very simple that the appropriate water depth + terrain + distance.

1. Appropriate water depth

To combine the weather, when the temperature is too high and too low, that is, at noon in winter and summer, deep water should be selected. When the temperature gradually increases, that is, in spring, you must choose shoals. Suitable temperature and water depth can assist in consideration.
2. Common Terrain Suitable for Fishing
Huayuan and the left side of Huayuan, convex bank, aquatic plants, water inlet and outlet, whirling bay, bridge edge, swelling shoal and topographic change: the place where width narrows and width widens, the place where rapid and slow water flows meet, and the place where flat-bottomed boss or pit. Places with obstacles: underwater rocky piles, underwater tree stumps, sunken ships or other objects, etc., are all places where fish like to gather.
3. Fishing Point Far and Near
In the morning, at night, or in quiet and hidden fishing spots, it is suitable to catch close. The new fish in the black pit is suitable for catching close. Noon, winter and noisy places are suitable for fishing far away. Black pit embarrassing fish is suitable for fishing far away.

Three, other need to pay attention to

After determining the fishing point, attention should also be paid not to make a nest in a hurry. First, lead pendants should be used to find out the bottom situation without hooking. Whether the depth of the fishing point and its surrounding areas changes, whether there are scarps, whether there are flat ground or platforms and pits, how many aquatic plants at the bottom, whether there are many obstacles and whether the hooking is serious. After full investigation, the appropriate fishing point for nesting will be determined. It is good to fish in windy days, but you should choose the downwind. When the wind is very strong, you should choose a shelter from the wind. Avoid noisy places.