Fishing skills: This kind of fishing method is very strange. The hook can easily catch big fish with beads and no bait.

Pearl fishing is familiar to more and more fishing friends, and there are more opportunities to be used in opposition fishing. The combination and collocation of pearl fishing groups are very diverse, and can be used with single hook, double hook, string hook and explosive hook, which can be said to be a very universal combination of fishing groups. The biggest characteristic of bead fishing is that beads are hung on the hook instead of bait. Using beads of appropriate size and bright color to attract the attention of big fish is not only suitable for catching big fish, but also more suitable for placing small fish in their nests. Today, I would like to introduce the matching points of the food-wrapped fishing group for pearl fishing. Interested fishing friends can give it a try.

I. Features of Bead Bag Food Fishing

Bead-wrapped food fishing is actually an improvement on the basis of the bad food explosion hook. We know that the explosion hook wraps the bait on the spring, and the fishhook is buried in the bait. When the fish eats, it eats the fishhook, or swims near the bait and is hooked by the fishhook. Explosion hook is a more practical fishing method in the long-range fishing method of throwing rod, and the lure-fishing integration is very suitable for catching big fish. However, the explosion hook has two major disadvantages. The first is that it cannot catch running water because the bait is easily washed away. The second is that there are more fishhooks. Although it is easier to hook fish, it is also easier to hang the bottom, which easily leads to the loss of fishing groups.

The advantage of bead-wrapped food fishing lies in the use of brightly colored and floating beads and the use of PE flexible wires. The fishing group realizes the effect that the bait is under and the fishhook is pulled off the bottom by beads at the bottom of the water. The advantage lies in effectively reducing the phenomenon of hanging the bottom. However, there is still no good way for running water to fail. However, by solving the problem of the appearance of the bottom hanging, the loss of the fishing group caused by the bottom hanging can be greatly reduced. In the folk long-range fishing method, it can catch running water and reduce the number of bottom-hanging fishing methods. It should be bean cake flip fishing with beads on the hook.

Second, fishing group matching method

The first is to prepare beads. Although beads in bead fishing are made of plastic, silica gel, foam and other materials, there are generally two categories, one is sunken and the other is floating, of which floating is the most commonly used. Beads are of different sizes. With fishhooks of different sizes, fish of different sizes can be caught. Simply put, big fish can be caught with big beads. The size of beads is mainly 0.5 cm, 0.8 cm and 1cm, so it is enough to choose the right size. After the beads are bought back, the first thing is to ream the hole. The hole of the beads needs to be matched with the fishhook and can slide on the hook handle, but it is blocked by the barb of the fishhook and cannot slide out. This size is appropriate.

There should not be many sub-lines for pearl bag food fishing, and attention must be paid to prevent winding, so single hook or double sub-lines are common among the people. A single hook is better matched. PE flexible cord is about 15cm long. Tie the hook, put on beads, and tie the sub-thread to the spring bait. If double hooks are used, the length of the sub-lines should be 5-10cm apart, and space beans should also be used to separate them to prevent the fishhooks from floating up and winding together. The key point is that there is a distance and distance, so the fishhooks are not easy to wind.

Match the fishing team and prepare bad food normally. It is no different from other long-range fishing methods. Hit the fishing point from a long distance and tighten the fishing line to watch the rod slightly. Pearl fishing is characterized by fishing from the bottom, so the fish rate is the highest among fish that eat from the bottom, such as bream and grass carp, and these two kinds of fish are also better fished in hot summer. The use of fake bait can also catch fish. In fact, it is the curiosity of fish that is used. It likes to attack brightly colored things. Even if it is not food, it habitually takes a bite, thus falling into the trap.

The above is the principle of pearl fishing and the matters needing attention in pearl bag food fishing. The characteristics of hanging pearl fishing from the bottom lead to a lot of fishing groups matching in this fishing method. The advantage of this fishing method also lies in preventing small fish from making trouble in their nests, not hanging at the bottom, and not afraid of mud at the bottom. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!

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