From shore fishing to boat fishing, combine distance and distance, and share the experience and skills of sea fishing Shi Jiugong.

On China’s vast coastline, A small individual grouper is widely distributed. The quotation marks here mean that it just looks like grouper. In fact, it is a species of the family Catfish of the order Catfish of the class Radiopterus. Its scientific name is Sebastiscus marmoratus. This name is unfamiliar to many people, but it is widely known when it comes to its common name. Yes, its most common common name is Shi Jiugong. It has several major characteristics that are worth pondering. It is small in size, brilliant in color, fresh in taste and expensive in price. From the perspective of fishermen, this article will share with you how to fish Shijiugong. Then let’s first look at the following important points:
• Shi Jiugong’s life habits
• Shore poking and boat sinking are the most cost-effective fishing methods
• Experience of Diao Shi Jiu Gong
From the distribution point of view, Shi Jiugong is a common fish along the east coast of Leizhou Peninsula. It is distributed in the South China Sea, East China Sea, Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. Judging from the body shape, the back of the head has ridges and spines, and the ocular septum is deep and narrow, which is half of the eye. There are fine tooth bands in the upper and lower jaws, vomeriform bone and palatal bone. There are 5 dark irregular transverse striations on the side of the body, which are poisonous. The color is mainly reddish brown and dark red, with good camouflage. It belongs to a small fish species. The palm-sized Shi Jiugong is no longer small. Personally, I caught the largest one, which is only about half a kilo.
Judging from his habits, Shi Jiugong is not good at swimming for a long distance. He mainly lives in rocky reef areas and feeds on small fish and crustaceans. His unique skill is to stick to the crevices of rocks and wait for prey to come to his door. Then it provides us with a lot of information for fishing. Shore fishing, poking at stone crevices and boat bottom fishing are ideal fishing methods.
Detailed Explanation of the Most Effective Fishing Method
According to Shi Jiugong’s habits, we have come up with two more suitable fishing methods. From an economic point of view, shore fishing is the best method. From the point of view of convenience and individual, boat fishing has the best effect, so the specific methods will be elaborated in detail from these two angles respectively. If you have the opportunity to travel to the seaside, you can catch Shi Jiugong by the way, which not only satisfies the interest of fishing, but also can taste delicious food. The price of fresh Shi Jiugong is still very expensive.
Detailed Explanation of Shore Fishing
Although it is shore fishing, But there are many fishing methods, However, from a practical point of view, There are some fishing methods that are not suitable for friends who do not often fish at sea. For example, floating rocky fishing, regardless of the equipment, may take a certain time to assemble the light group. Therefore, in addition to fishing friends at the seaside, I suggest that it is more reliable to use the method of poking stone seams to fish, looking for breakwaters, docks and other reef areas with a certain period of time, and there may be Shi Jiugong hidden below.
Suggestions for Fishing Tackle Equipment-The bow stones of the current breakwater are relatively large, The gap is also large, Therefore, it is difficult for a fishing rod that is too short to cover a long distance. Generally, it is more appropriate to use a fishing rod over 5.4 meters, because I have a very lightweight 5.4 meters rocky fishing rod. We will elaborate on the benefits of using rocky fishing rod in the following experience and skills, so as long as it is a shore fishing poking hole, I will choose this fishing rod. In short, the fishing rod should be slightly longer and harder.
Line group-not too much attention, PE line 1 is enough to deal with, Shi Jiugong is very small, Even if you encounter blackheads, this line group can cope with them completely. However, the length of the line does not need to be too long, which is not easy to operate. For example, the 5.4-meter fishing rod can be selected as a 5-meter inner line group. A splayed ring is tied at the end of the main line, and a nylon wire or carbon wire can be used as the sub-line below. In order to reduce the number of bottom hanging, only one fishhook is tied on the sub-line, and a lead pendant is tied at the lowest end of the sub-line. The bait can be selected from Nereis, Shrimp Bait, Chicken Liver, Fish and other fishy bait.
Specific fishing method-find a stone seam of appropriate size along the breakwater, then put the fishhook vertically into the stone seam, after feeling the lead falling to the bottom through touch, gently lift the fishing rod to a distance of 1, 20 cm and put it down again, and so on, take the way of teasing fish, and repeat the above operation by changing the stone seam if there is no bite several times. If there is a bite, there will be an obvious feeling on your hands, just lift the pole and stab the fish.
Detailed Explanation of Boat Fishing
In fact, there is not much difference between boat fishing and shore fishing. They all need to find stone seams as punctuation marks. The biggest difference is that boat fishing can go fishing in distant sea areas. Shi Jiugong has a larger individual and can also take into account blackheads, yellow croakers, etc. The specific fishing method is similar to that of shore fishing, both of which adopt the method of sinking to catch stone crevices. I will mainly talk about the difference in equipment.
First of all, the fishing rod must be replaced by a short-gauge boat rod or a Luya rod. If it is Luya pole, it is recommended to use a length of 1.9-2.1 meters, and the tonality is to choose the fast-adjusting ML model, so that when there is no mouth in the nearby stone seam, it can be quickly replaced by Dezhou fishing group. Using soft insect fishing bottom can expand the search area several times, and using Dezhou fishing group to fish is relatively large for both Shi Jiugong and blackhead individuals.
The line group is similar, It is simply because the boat fishing itself can easily lower the line group vertically. Therefore, 3-5 hooks can be selected for string hooks. It is recommended to use 3 hooks. The bait hanging time is short. Unless the density is very high, the above 2 hooks generally have few medium fish. Because they fish on board, they can appropriately increase the range when teasing fish. The medium fish rate will be relatively high. Other aspects are basically the same as shore fishing.
Experience of Diao Shi Jiu Gong
First, why is it better to use rocky fishing rods for shore fishing? Because when poking holes and fishing, Try to make sure that the line group enters the stone seam vertically, In this way, the probability of hanging the bottom is smaller, Then it is easy to operate if the line group is relatively short, but if it is too short, it is not very convenient to hang bait and pick fish. Therefore, it is easy to control the fishing rod through the line wheel, especially when the water drop wheel is used, only 2 or 3 meters of fishing line length need to be placed when poking the hole, while the line group can be placed through the water drop wheel when the middle fish is pulled to the front, which is very convenient.
Second, Shi Jiugong is not too fond of gathering together. After fishing for a few pieces in a stone seam, the fishing position can be changed. Therefore, it is not very good to stick to the catch within too small a range to catch Shi Jiugong frequently.
Third, the principle of fishhook is rather big than small. Although Shi Jiugong is not small, his mouth is not small. If he chooses too small a fishhook, Shi Jiugong is very easy to swallow the fishhook very deep, picking the hook is very troublesome, and the opening period is very short. If he wastes it on picking the hook, it will do more harm than good. Generally, in order to give consideration to blackheads, the fishhook will also try to be around Marushi 15-17.
Four, Shi Jiugong’s thorn is slightly poisonous, pricking is still quite painful, so when picking the hook, you can use your thumb and index finger to hold your lower jaw to pick the hook. Although there are a row of thin small teeth, it is still no problem to control the strength. If you are afraid of pain, you can wear gloves on your left hand, and the effect is better.
About the final summary
To sum up, it is some of the experiences of fishing Shi Jiugong. The talks are relatively general and suitable for fishing friends who have less sea fishing as a reference. Fishing friends who have rich fishing Shi Jiugong are also welcome to share your experiences. Compared with blackheads, I prefer to catch Shi Jiugong. The soup it cooks is really delicious. However, in recent years, Shi Jiugong’s resources have become very poor. Only more than 10 fish can be caught every time I go out. Most of the others are small blackheads. Perhaps there will be more in the southern seaside.
I hope this article can bring you some help. If you think it is good, please pay attention and share interesting fishing tips at any time. I am a fisherman Ulan, a pure fisherman.