Hand in hand to teach you how to maintain fishing boats (illustrate the whole process)

Has your fishing tackle been maintained? It is necessary to use good wheels for decades and maintain them well, but they are still so smooth. It’s okay to take it out and have a look. Hey, how many big fish did this partner accompany me around in those days? Therefore, whenever Lion City fishermen educate me like this, they secretly make up their minds to carry forward this craft. At least how’s maintenance and identification of wheels always require real knowledge through practice.
Here, I also hope that the vast number of fishing friends who use wheels can have time to maintain their own wheels. At the same time, they can distinguish the good or bad wheels when choosing them in the future, so that good manufacturing techniques and technologies can be carried forward and the rotten things that fool people can be eliminated.
Tools used: Pasty gear lubricating oil, Jiang Wan Xiao Ren friendship sponsorship, oil Motul 5W-30 full synthesis, car, Tica Reel Grease Deja bearing lubricating oil, Phillips screwdriver, curved nose pliers, movable wrench. Several Napkins (Necessary for Otaku)
Today take you operation, Guangwei 3000 type, 6 +1 bearing, more than 70 pieces, not a good thing, give me practice
No explanation.
Remove pentagonal spring card
Brake pads, generally speaking, 3 groups and 6 pads, are moved by friends who play with the camera. What is to be said here is that the larger the brake pads, the greater the braking force. In addition, the white discs are fabric discs, some of which are made of compact and thick woven materials, while others are pure cotton and silk fabrics, which also shows the difference and value of materials. Wipe the oil off the top.
Small red cards are more difficult to remove, take your time. Some wheels have cross screws, which only play a role in fixing positions. Hexagon nuts use an active wrench. Note that this screw does not exert force. Some of them are reversed.
I saw the bearing cover piece below, with 3 screws, which may be difficult to twist if the workmanship is poor. I directly used pointed-nosed pliers to come down. Remember to put some oil on it when you put it back.
Stop the switch spring, be careful not to fall and fail to find it.
Put it in sequence, and don’t forget how to install it later.
Bearings, copper top shafts, and reverse bearings
Let’s have a good time. After looking at the internal festival of this thing, I am a liberal arts student and can’t afford to hurt.
Shake handle, no explanation
There is also a screw on the back cover. Open it and there is another screw inside. Don’t tilt the cover plate.
Bearings and gears at the handle
Working Principle of Gear 1
Working Principle of Gear 2
Gear internal structure 3
Gears and bearings
Copper shaft
Family photo
The structure of the switch is a little difficult to install. Be careful when disassembling it. Look at the structure clearly. Take your time and be patient when installing it.
Put some oil on the screw that is difficult to remove, and it will be easy to remove next time.
All the experts laughed. Give me more advice