In summer, the poking arch fishing method, which is the best skill to catch crucian carp, comes out early every day and is waiting for this wave of fish!

The temperature is high in summer, so it is easier to catch fish when it is cool in the morning and evening. However, in some special fishing grounds, there are often special and very effective fishing methods, such as poking arch fishing method is one of them. This fishing method is a fishing method for floating crucian carp in grass holes and grass seams. The formation of the fishing method is quite special and it is a very efficient fishing method for fishing fish by fish.

I. Features of Fishing Methods

Since the end of spring, the temperature has increased, aquatic plants in the water grow rapidly, and summer is the peak period for aquatic plants to grow. Therefore, in some fish ponds with more aquatic plants, commonly known as grass ponds, there will be a water regime with too many aquatic plants and lack of oxygen in the morning. Aquatic plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during daytime photosynthesis. Oxygen in the water will be consumed at night, and grass ponds with many aquatic plants will reach their lowest level before the sun comes out with the passage of time. At this time, the big crucian carp will float to the water from the grass hole or grass seam and swallow oxygen. Therefore, going out early and catching this wave of floating fish can often bring unexpected good results.

Second, fishing group matching

The grass hole fishing float, coupled with the fishing skin, naturally uses the classic seven-star floating fishing group in the matching of fishing groups. However, this fishing group can be slightly simpler, for example, it is only matched with 3 or 4 seven-star drifters, and it is relatively small. It can be used without a lead pendant and a fishhook. If the wind is easy to get off the hook, it can be matched with a larger seven-star drift and a lead pendant. The key point is to catch the float. It is only necessary to keep the hook suspended. Generally speaking, it is about 20cm deep under the water. This fishing method also has certain requirements for the fishing rod, which requires the fishing rod to be harder, so that the fish can be lifted out of the water immediately after being caught. 7, 8 meters of stiff long rod, with 2 meters or even shorter short line, can achieve extremely accurate hook, which is very beneficial to this fishing method.

III. Key Points of Fishing

1. Go out early, otherwise the aquatic plants will begin photosynthesis after the sun comes out, dissolved oxygen in the water will be improved, crucian carp will sink to the bottom, and this fishing method will not be able to play. Therefore, the time is mainly from 5 to 7 o’clock. Although the time is short, the harvest will be very good, and the rare crucian carp in summer will also have the opportunity to catch it.

2. There is no need to make nests. Earthworms are good as bait. The main point of fishing is to chase fish and fish by looking for fish. The way to find fish is to listen and watch. Carassius auratus floats up and swallows oxygen, which will produce a sound similar to a snapping mouth. If you listen carefully, it will be very obvious. The second is to see that there are often aquatic plants shaking near grass holes and grass seams, which are usually caused by fish floating up. If you find the fish, you can go fishing with the hook.

3. Be quiet when looking for fish, don’t frighten the fish, be quiet when hanging the hook, identify the position where the fish just floated, hang earthworms, the hook is within 20cm of the seven stars, and gently pass the hook to the position where the fish just floated. Due to lack of oxygen in the water, the fish will float up again for a while, and it is found that there is no reason not to eat food. After the fish is hooked, it is directly carried out of the fishing point and continues to look for fish.

The disadvantage of this fishing method lies in the timing of the time. The fishing method is mainly used between the end of spring and the middle of summer, when the temperature starts to rise and plants in the water flourish. The time to fish is short, although the time is short, it is often better than holding back one day’s harvest during the day. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends! .