In summer, when there is more warm wind and more undulating water, both of these ideas can lead to catch.

Before midsummer, the temperature is adamant to show its existence, and the most tangled thing for fishermen is the Xia Feng, which is almost daily. Although it is warm wind, it causes floating water and undulating water surface.
The most direct impact is that the wind is strong and the throwing is not very accurate, not to mention watching the drift and catching the mouth. Therefore, whether to catch or not and how to catch are the difficult problems facing fishermen.
Don’t fish, my heart is really itchy, fishing, walking water, throwing inaccurate can be overcome, the key is once the wind blows, the dissolved oxygen in the water, the distribution of food for fish schools to eat, obviously different from morning and evening;
In other words, there must be a fishing spot in the morning and evening. In windy days, we may not be able to catch fish. However, our seemingly poor position is actually a good position to catch fish. There is only one reason to say.
Summer wind is mostly hot wind, unlike other seasons, when the wind blows, the water surface will cool down, so fish schools will hide at the bottom when the wind blows, while summer wind has little influence on the change of water temperature.
On the contrary, because of the hot air, the dissolved oxygen in the middle and upper water layers will be increased, and further, the middle and upper water layers will form wind waves, which will wrap plankton, grass seeds, insects, domestic garbage, etc. in the water and swim downstream along the wind direction.
To put it simply, once there is wind, it will lead to two phenomena that make fishermen very depressed:
Phenomenon 1: The wind and waves are too strong, resulting in floating water, ups and downs, and it is very difficult to observe floating.
Phenomenon 2: On windy days, fish schools are mostly foraging in the middle and upper water layers instead of the bottom layer.
This has formed a contradiction in fact. If the fish school is not at the bottom, we can find the fish layer by flying lead and fishing from the bottom. However, once there is wind and the wind and waves are not small, there is no way to use the fishing methods of floating and flying lead.
Therefore, when the temperature is suitable and the fish mouth is wide open, fishing friends are always struggling with whether to fish or not and how to fish. At the very least, we cannot use the air force. So, we should use what fishing ideas to deal with this contradictory fish situation and water regime.
Train of thought one, run lead fishing off the bottom
The lead fishing method uses the weight of the lead pendant to anchor at the bottom of the water, and then once there is a fish to give the mouth, unless the lead pendant can be dragged to cause black drift and dead mouth, we don’t need to pay attention to how the float rises and falls on the water surface.
This is the advantage of the lead-running fishing method when small fish are noisy and there are storms. However, this fishing method has one of the biggest disadvantages, that is, the floating lead cannot be too large. If the floating lead is too large, the buoyancy of the floating will increase accordingly.
In this way, it is difficult for smaller fish to drag lead pendants under the influence of wind and waves. Moreover, in windy waters in summer, fish schools often feed in the middle and upper water layers and keep the bottom. No one knows when what has a mouth.
Then at this time, we can change our thinking and use bionic beads, foam plastics, floating water particles and other auxiliary materials to keep the lead anchor unchanged at the bottom of the water so that the hook bait leaves the bottom and floats at the bottom.
In this way, the influence of wind and waves can be overcome, and at the same time, the hook bait is off the bottom, which is also convenient for fish schools in the middle and upper layers to feed.
The most important point is that even if the float with large lead consumption is used, because the fish is eaten in semi-water, there is no additional resistance, friction and other effects. As long as the fish can drag the lead drop, it must be the fish in the dead mouth.
Idea 2: Eat lead, float and fish to set the depth.
In fact, many novices do not quite understand the fishing method of setting depth, and in actual combat, we also use less, especially the fishing method of setting depth with hand rod. In fact, to put it bluntly, fishing with Ji, throwing rod to fly and float, and fishing method of setting depth is a train of thought.
Why do you want to fish deep when you fish in windy summer? This is because, in summer, large fish have a fixed cruise route, and the depth is relatively fixed. If we fish in windless and wave-free weather, we just need to keep the bottom.
However, once there is wind and waves, it is very difficult for us to throw the pole into place accurately, especially when we use a long pole and the fishing distance is relatively long, then at this time, we can make a nest first and then measure the water depth of the nest.
Then we throw the pole along the direction of the shelter. If the water depth of the shelter is that the fishing eye reveals 4 mesh, then we play the pole perfectly and slowly pull back, and the fishing eye reveals 4 mesh all the time. At this time, even if there is a slight deviation from the shelter, the water depth is consistent with the shelter.
However, the straight line thrown at the dens is pulled back from the full pole. Even if there is a little deviation between the hook bait and the dens, the difference will not be too large, which can effectively avoid the influence of strong winds on the throwing accuracy.
However, eating lead is like hanging a heavy anchor in semi-water. As long as the wind and waves are not particularly big, there is basically no influence of what. Therefore, the more windy the old birds are, the more they like to use this method to catch big fish.
The wind is not terrible, the high temperature is not terrible, and it doesn’t matter if the fish school is not at the bottom. However, these unfavorable factors are mixed together, which makes it a headache. However, there is no fixed method for fishing, so don’t stick to one fishing method or one thinking.
Be flexible, combine favorable factors and avoid all kinds of bad influences. In the end, even if we cannot explode and protect them, as long as we catch them, we should be happy for a long time.