In wild fishing, the benign combination of different fishing methods and fish luring methods allows you to catch fish repeatedly.

If someone asks me, “what is the most important thing in opposition fishing?”
Then, my answer will definitely be “luring fish”.
Because, in the wild fishing, fish resources are in short supply, and when there is no fish in the dens, all fishing skills are for nothing.
Extending from the above problems, the most important thing in wild fishing is to lure fish. But every fishing friend will make a nest to lure fish before fishing, so why are some catches different and unsatisfactory sometimes? The reason also lies in the fact that the fishing method and the fishing method used have not produced a benign combination. This article takes this fishing phenomenon to share my personal views and understanding on luring fish in wild fishing.
Fishing Methods Applicable in Wild Fishing
Although many different fishing methods have been derived from the current hanging fishing method, only a handful of them can be applied to wild fishing and are often used. Let’s give an example of the fishing methods that can be often used in wild fishing.
• Normal bottom fishing and lead running
Normal bottom fishing refers to a fishing method in which “the hook bait comes into contact with the bottom of the water, and the mesh adjustment is generally not too high and the mesh is not far away from the mesh adjustment”, which is also the most commonly used bottom fishing method in the traditional sense. Although running lead belongs to the category of bottom fishing, running lead, a state in which lead falls to the bottom or is a splayed ring to the bottom, is obviously different from the traditional bottom fishing method.
• Normal fishing float and negative-eye fishing float
The normal fishing float mentioned here mostly refers to the “fishing method in which floating eyes can leak out of the water after double hook bait is thrown into the water” which is summarized as normal fishing float. In addition to normal fishing and floating in wild fishing, negative-eye fishing and floating can also be adopted when the fish situation is fast, especially when fishing small fish. In this fishing method, floats are often pushed into the water due to the weight of bait, thus forming the characteristic of negative purpose and prompting fishermen to passively lift the rod and increase the frequency of throwing the rod.
• Flying lead fishing
With the continuous understanding of the flying lead fishing method and the continuous experience of wild fishing, the value of flying lead fishing method in wild fishing has gradually been confirmed, and then flying lead fishing method has become a fishing method that can be often used in wild fishing.
Overview: In opposition fishing, normal bottom fishing and floating fishing cannot be avoided. In addition to the two, there are also lead fishing methods, negative eye fishing floating and flying lead fishing methods, which are often used in wild fishing.
A Fish Luring Method Benign Combination with Different Fishing Methods
It is not so much a benign combination of fishing method and fish luring method, but rather that fishing method can give full play to the power of fishing method itself only if it is attached to a reasonable fish luring method. For example, in my usual fishing, I will use the following different fish luring methods according to different fishing methods.
• Lure method used in bottom fishing
If it is decided to use the bottom fishing method to fish in the wild fishing, the way to lure the fish is definitely to lay the nest material for luring the fish flat on the bottom of the water, and to lure the fish by staying at the bottom of the water for a long time and emitting the taste. For example, millet, corn and commercial nest materials commonly used in bottom fishing are all the same.
• Method of luring fish in floating fishing
The distinction is made between small fish and large fish. When fishing small fish in the wild, it is recommended to use the luring method of pulling bait and dipping flaky bait. When fishing large fish in the wild, especially silver carp and bighead carp, it is recommended to use bean curd residue to make nests to lure fish.
• Lure fish for lead flying
The application of flying lead fishing method in wild fishing is to use flying lead fishing method to fish with dynamic effect, so the fish luring method should also have certain dynamics, often using fast frequency throwing corn and particles as the main method, or using wheat bran to make nests to lure fish.
Overview: To sum up, according to the water layer where the hook bait is located in different fishing methods, selecting the corresponding nest material that can stay in the water layer where the hook bait is located can benign combine the fishing method with the fish luring method.
Factors Affecting Fishing in Wild Fishing
Simply combining fishing with luring fish cannot get the answer of repeatedly catching fish. Because the wild fishing environment is complex and there are many influencing factors, the following three factors should be considered in the specific fishing.
• Effect of air pressure on fish
Even if the air pressure affects the fish, I think it is worth it to pass on this concept hundreds of times and thousands of times. Because, when fishing in the wild, it is difficult to have better catch income at lower atmospheric pressure, especially in fishing large fish. Naturally, when the air pressure is high, it will form certain beneficial conditions for fishing.
• Influence of wind direction on fish
The influence of wind direction on the upper fish is mainly manifested in silver carp, bighead carp and grass carp. In ordinary fishing, the upper tuyere is often suitable for fishing silver carp and bighead carp, while the lower tuyere is a good place for fishing grass carp.
• Effects of different time periods on the feeding of fish
Comparatively speaking, taking fishing during the day as an analysis, the time point from 4: 00 a.m. in summer to 6: 30 when the sun shines directly on the water surface will be a relatively good peak for fishing. After this time, the efficiency of fishing will gradually slow down. It was not until 4: 30 p.m. That the fish situation began to gradually improve until the night was shrouded.
Overview: The influence of air pressure, wind direction and time period on the efficiency of fishing is irreversible for fishermen during fishing. Even if fishermen have excellent fishing skills, they cannot resist the influence of nature on fishing.
The final summary of the full text
Whether it is wild fishing, black pit fishing or even competitive fishing, fishing is expensive in a correspondence. As mentioned in this article, the correspondence between fishing method and luring method is one part of fishing. Only when we pay attention to the operation of this link in the field fishing can we catch a good catch if objective factors permit.