Is the addiction of outdoor fishing a sharp knife that affects the feelings of young and middle-aged couples?

There is an online quip like this: “An obvious sign of a young and middle-aged man’s decreased sexual desire is that he begins to like outdoor sports that take time and cannot recover costs, such as fishing!”
Although in real life, there is no sign that young men’s sexual desire is decreasing, that is, they begin to like fishing. However, the time-consuming and irreparable costs behind are the most true portrayal.
Many fishermen also often feel very upset and disgusted because they do not have enough fishing time. Moreover, self-centered fishing groups often meet together to go fishing at night because of insufficient fishing time during the day.
Under the dim light of night, fishermen skillfully took out their fishing rods and assembled and adjusted them. Only after the bait is opened, the moment when the night fishing becomes beautiful, it indicates that the fisherman has already started the game with the fish in the water.
But at this time, most of the young and middle-aged male fishermen’s lovers are watching TV at home with their children waiting for the return of the fisherman at home.
At this time, the mentality of the two is so thoughtful, but the young man fishing always firmly believes that the fish is in the next second, and it is good to stick to it again. The lover who is looking forward to her husband’s return, but still firmly believes that the man who loves her will ring the doorbell the next second. But time is in such persistence, one minute by one second. Gradually fishing not only takes up the time of young and middle-aged men, but also loses the waiting time of lovers.
In the end, because the lover pays and the man sticks to it, the family has more trust and love can be precipitated. Isn’t this just like young men and women in love who firmly believe that happiness will happen in the next second?
At the breakfast shop at 4: 00 a.m., the first group of guests will often be fishermen who get up early in order to catch better fish.
Before that, fishermen experienced a night of yearning for fishing and couldn’t sleep all night. They even felt that this night was an extra setting for fishermen.
At 3: 30 a.m., after tossing and turning in bed, the fisherman finally couldn’t stand the suffering of the night. I got up and began to pack up my equipment and clothes. I couldn’t wait to rush to the fishing ground for a big fish.
But looking back at the sleeping lover, he was so reluctant to disturb him. Then I came to the kitchen and began to prepare some meals, leaving my lover with the entrustment to have a good meal. Then he gently closed the door and after a few steps of tiptoeing, he drove to the fishing point like a rabbit.
It has become the norm for fishermen to leave early and return late, and their infatuation with fish is only the embodiment of fishermen’s true temperament. However, the dark skin of the fisherman is a label brought to the fisherman by the hot summer, except for leaving early and returning late.
Under the scorching sun in summer, fishermen are playing games with professional sunshades and fish in the water in full swing. The fish in the water are testing the bait, but the fishermen on the shore are also in a state of anxiety. But in such a simple game, the fisherman and the fish in the water still did not win or lose.
Fishing is a happy thing for fishermen. Anglers feel the pleasure brought by mountains and rivers from fishing, and also reap the catch after fishing. At the same time, it also precipitated more trust for the happiness of fishermen’s families.