It is difficult to catch fish when it is hot and stuffy in summer, not all of which do not open their mouths.

As time goes by, the summer days seem to be just two faces, one with enthusiasm like fire and the other with strong winds and torrential rain. All the fishermen who look at the faces and fish are afraid of Miss Xia, because they cannot coax her. In addition to accommodating, they will make do with it.
In the past few days, I have received a lot of consultation and refined it. I found that there are two kinds of situations. First, in continuous high temperature weather, even if fishing is carried out in relatively cool places, most of the fish caught are small fish, and big fish are rare. Moreover, even small fish, the number is not very large, and it is hard to fry a plate.
The second is that it rains every day, the weather is extremely sultry before the rain, and there is no mouth after the rain. What throws poles, grain and wheat, and hand poles, so it is hard to cast nets, not to mention big fish and small fish. In a word, regardless of which side of Miss Xia’s two faces are exposed, summer fish are really difficult to catch.
It is true to say that it is difficult to catch fish in midsummer. It is also nonsense to say that fish do not speak at all just because of the hot weather and lack of oxygen. After all, fish in midsummer only eat at night, which does not conform to the laws of biological nature.
Let’s sum up carefully. We can roughly sum up the reasons why summer fish do not open their mouths. It may not be comprehensive, but it is also the same:
The first reason is low air pressure and lack of oxygen.
The temperature in summer is high, so correspondingly, the atmospheric pressure is relatively low, which will lead to the dissolved oxygen in water, which is inversely proportional to the temperature. Simply put, the higher the temperature, the lower the dissolved oxygen in water.
For fish, the worse the dissolved oxygen is, the worse the appetite is. In order to adapt to this low oxygen state, it is the most common state not to eat except floating to the middle and upper water layers.
Second, there is plenty of food in summer.
Summer and autumn are the peak seasons for fish to grow. Aquatic plants, algae, insects, microorganisms, and even frequent wind and rain in summer will bring a large amount of food to the waters.
Therefore, in summer, fish schools are basically not short of food. In simple words, bait is like eating out relative to fish, but it is not normal. Therefore, we think that delicious bait is optional to fish.
The third reason is that the water temperature rises and falls sharply.
For people, the temperature is suitable in the morning and evening in summer, but the high temperature is unbearable during the day. If it is not necessary, they are not willing to go out at all. For fish, the same is true, after all, the water temperature is seriously affected by the temperature.
However, because of its constant temperature adjustment function, fish, as a temperature-changing animal, has no other way but to adapt to the ambient temperature. Once the fish enters the physiological process of adapting to the temperature, it will definitely stop eating.
In summer, people feel nothing about the change of water temperature before and after rainfall, but for fish, it is necessary to enter the adjustment function to adapt to the change of water temperature. It may not take as long as winter and spring, but we happen to meet it and there is nothing we can do.
Of course, it is not to say that only the above three reasons will cause the fish in midsummer not to open their mouths. However, the above three reasons are the most common and almost unsolvable incentives. So, are there any what skills and methods that can enable us to find the right time and catch some catch in midsummer?
Skill 1: Fishing in the morning and evening to avoid the high temperature during the day
In fact, this move is nothing new. For the old bird, although it gets up a little early between 5 and 9 o’clock in the morning, there will be at least a fish mouth when fishing during this period, while between 6 and 11 o’clock in the afternoon, it is a better period of the day when the fish mouth is better.
The reason why night fishing is not mentioned is that most fishing friends either cannot catch at night in order to keep energetic at work the next day, or they are not used to fishing at night, although night fishing is the best in terms of fish mouth and catch.
Skill 2: Target fish should be small but not large.
In summer, it is not impossible to catch big fish, but according to the size of the target fish, the timing and time of fishing, there is attention. If the fishing time is short, then the mind of catching big fish is simply stopped. After all, in summer waters, there is plenty of food and big fish are not short of food.
If it is fishing for small fish, it is better to operate. After all, the stock density of small fish is large, the food mouth is relatively simple, and the efficiency and speed of hair nest are obviously better than those of big fish. Although the size of middle hook fish is generally small, some fishing is better than not catching.
Skill 3, don’t taboo to use fishy bait
Summer is the season when small fish are bound to make trouble in their nests. No matter we use what method, it is inevitable for small fish to make trouble in their nests unless it is plain bait to make trouble in their nests, and it is also plain bait with extremely poor atomization and slow speed.
So many fishing friends, in order to avoid small fish making a nest, avoid fishy bait like a tiger, and even dare not use slightly fragrant bait, either wheat grains and corn grains as bait, or as nest material, or as grain fragrant bait.
As a result, even if the hair nest and fish mouth are not so good, the reason is very simple. In summer, fish are not short of fishy bait or plain bait, but supplementing animal protein that is easy to digest and transform is definitely more efficient than vegetable protein.
Therefore, we should not be too taboo to use fishy bait. It is nothing more than to pay attention to the proportion and control the speed and state of bait atomization when using it.
Precautions for Fishing in Midsummer
In order to catch fish in midsummer, besides using the above three skills, there are also two matters that must be paid attention to, so that in actual combat, one can have fish in one’s mouth:
First, the more sticky and soft the bait, the better
In summer fishing, many fishing friends like to use non-atomized bait such as wheat grains and corn grains to keep fishing. In fact, in terms of effect, unless the fishing point is just near the fish nest, the fish mouth effect is very bad.
In summer, except at night, even benthic fish are mostly not at the bottom of the water from the rise of the sun. At the very least, they will not stick to the bottom of the water. In fact, the efficiency of being found by fish is not high compared with that of heavy bait groups.
However, as the sticky bait dissolves and atomizes continuously, the time for the fish hook to leave the bait will be longer and the overall specific gravity will be lighter, so the probability of fish feeding the mouth will be much higher. On the contrary, it is almost difficult to keep the chance of fish opening by using larger wheat grains and corn grains.
Second, if there is no time to watch fishing, the better the nest material dissolves and the faster the nest speed is.
This is a matter for attention that needs to be made according to experience. In summer fishing, the usual nest materials in spring, autumn and winter have a very general effect. To say the root cause is that in summer waters, food is too abundant for fish.
Therefore, no matter how to adjust the quantity and taste of the nest materials, the allure to the fish is not very good. Therefore, the more effective means is to let the nest start first, and let the small fish make trouble in the nest.
Only in this way can the larger fish enter the nest. Several tests have been conducted. Wheat grains are used to make a nest and corn grains are used to make a nest. Within 6-8 hours after the nest is made, there are signs of nest formation, but basically there is no real mouth.
However, using soft materials to draw nests, although small fish make frequent nests, they ran several big black drifters in a row for about 20-30 minutes, resolutely changed into thick lines and hooks, and successfully caught 2 crucian carps weighing 1 kg and 1 grass carp weighing 3 kg.
After that, the test was continued, and it was found that as long as small fish could continue to enter the nest and big fish could enter the nest for food, that is, the time was sooner or later, instead, the nest was guarded with granular materials, and the nest was made on the same day, with a very low probability.
However, on the second and third days, the signs that the granular materials continue to make nests, and the big fish enter nests, hair nests, and even give mouth are very obvious, but the premise is that the nests can be kept and the nests must be mended continuously and rhythmically.
Fishing in midsummer is actually the same as fishing in winter. One should keep one’s mind straight. One should not think that if the water temperature is appropriate, the fish will be easy to catch. On the contrary, fishing in summer, especially in high temperature days, is the basic goal.
On the basis of the catch, suit the remedy to the case, skillfully use skills, and achieve the goal of connecting poles is victory. As for explosive protection and the hook in the big fish, it should be regarded as an unexpected surprise, so as not to expect too much and the gap is too large.