It is good to try to shine your own light. Why blow out other people’s lights?

“Jianghu is not to fight and kill, Jianghu is worldly wisdom, can deal with it is not easy. If you want to understand the whole, it is impossible.” This is a line Zhang Zuolin said to Shaoshuai Zhang Xueliang in the TV series “Shaoshuai”. Combined with this line, it is not too much to think about today’s fishing rings or fishing tackle rings.
However, what is happening around the fishing circle now makes fishermen feel more tired and even scared in the face of the selection of many fishing tackle products. This article is also a voice of one’s own, and can also be regarded as the voice of some fishermen.
The purpose of fishing is what
I think this problem is quite worthy of fishermen’s consideration, because when they understand the purpose of fishing, they can make clear what they want and will not gradually forget their first thoughts.
I remember chatting with the boss in a fishing gear shop one afternoon, and there were not a few fishermen coming and going. However, whenever I see those fishing friends who buy high-priced fishing tackle and a large number of fishing tackle, my face often reveals some anxiety. Through this anxiety, I saw a little tiredness of fishermen.
After the owner of the fishing gear store received such fishing friends, another fishing friend came later. The fishing friend did not seem to know fishing so well, but because he did not understand it, he frequently asked the boss whether to choose how’s fishing gear. When the boss recommended the fishing tackle to him, he immediately paid to leave.
But just a moment after such fishing friends paid to leave, I found that I didn’t buy much fishing tackle, even it was very cheap. However, I saw the innocence of fishing and the yearning for catching in the face of such a novice fisherman. At this time, it was found that this fishing friend’s innocence in fishing was a face that many old fishing friends had never shown. May I ask, shouldn’t older fishermen be happier than novice fishermen?
The nature of fishing to fishermen is what
In fact, fishermen should think more about the nature of fishing to themselves is what? In the end, it is leisure and entertainment in leisure time, or a relaxation of fishing addiction in busy time, or fishing as a part of one’s life, or even fishing as a vanity fair game.
After understanding the nature of fishing to fishing, we should face up to the starting point of fishing. When fishing is only regarded as a kind of leisure and entertainment, then what you get will be the simple emotional fluctuation in fishing. You will be happy when you catch fish, and you will be as calm as usual when you cannot catch fish.
If, already in the fishing addiction stage. Then, don’t lose respect for human nature, squeeze some other time properly, find a place where fish love is acceptable, and finally relieve fishing addiction is also an emotional catharsis.
When fishing is really integrated into one’s own life, one should also love life, respect the ups and downs encountered in life, regard fishing as a condiment in life, and make life more wonderful.
However, when fishing is to be regarded as a vanity fair game, it is more tired by fishing and gradually consumes one’s own painstaking efforts and energy. When one cannot overcome the pressure brought by this fishing nature, one will be more exhausted physically and mentally.
Fishing tackle means what to fishermen.
Looking back on childhood, a few simple glass balls can make a group of rural children extremely happy, and sometimes they will even be flushed with disputes. But looking back at childhood games is just a small glass ball, bringing happiness.
With the growth of age, the behavior ability also gradually improved, some picked up fishing rods and came to the river. Starting from the practice of throwing rods, fishing rods gradually replaced the previous glass balls and became their new toys. Let oneself feel in fishing, even more incomparable fun.
Therefore, in my personal opinion, the fishing tackle in the hands of fishermen is just a toy that accompanies their growth. When they meet their entertainment needs, their mission will be completed. Since then, fishing tackle is just a toy in the hands of fishermen.
On the other hand, looking back at the current fishing atmosphere, we find that high-priced fishing rods are like labels, marking the fishing level of fishermen. But in actual fishing, is this really the case? Is fishing tackle so vulgar to fishermen?
The last few wordy words
I still remember when I caught the first fish when I was a child. At that time, I was still fishing with my grandfather and caught a yellow spicy Ding. Even the cry of Huang La Ding at that time became the only impression of my grandfather after times changed.