Midsummer night fishing, fishing points can choose these, fish in these places, a catch one accurate!

From long summer to summer solstice, it is usually considered early summer. After the summer solstice, midsummer begins. The hottest period of the year is extremely hot during the day. For friends who like fishing, this is the real off season. Therefore, in midsummer, more fishing friends will join the night fishing army. The biggest advantage of night fishing is that it will be a little cooler at night and the chance of catching big fish will be higher. However, we must pay attention to safety when fishing at night. There are several points that we must pay attention to: 1. Do not act alone, but go together. 2. Be extremely careful when fishing in rainy days and after rain, and pay attention to slippery conditions. 3. It is very necessary to catch rubber shoes at night in summer. Pay attention to mosquitoes, snakes and scorpions. 4. Hang up the missing rope in advance to prevent the fishing rod from being pulled away. Then let’s talk about the selection skills of fishing spots for night fishing.

First, the intense heat during the day causes most big fish to eat only in the morning and evening. With the coming of midsummer, the morning will become hotter earlier, resulting in shorter eating time for fish in the morning, so the eating time at night will become longer and better. Attention to the distribution of food is almost the main idea of choosing fishing spots for night fishing, and food is mainly distributed in shallow water. Therefore, the first element of choosing fishing spots for night fishing is not to fish far-reaching, but to fish close to shallow fishing, but there is a large area with spring fishing beach. Generally speaking, the foraging range of big fish is within 10 meters offshore. It is extremely quiet at night. Big fish dare to eat near shallow water, so they must pay attention to keeping quiet. The bays, branches and piers of rivers and reservoirs are all places rich in food, which can be used as fishing spots for night fishing. If the target is mainly all kinds of big fish, night fishing must choose a larger water surface. Looking for big bays and branches in the larger water surface. Even if the water in these positions is not too deep, as long as it can reach 1.5 meters, it is a very good position.

Second, the light is dim during night fishing, so the fishing position should be flat and open, with no shelter behind and on the head, so that it is convenient to throw the pole and walk the fish. If you can, try to stay away from weeds, or wear rubber shoes before fishing, and knock the surrounding weeds with a net pole. Midsummer is hot and humid, which is the peak season for snakes and mosquitoes. You must pay attention to safety. In addition to paying attention to food distribution, the selection of fishing points in night fishing also needs to pay attention to the level of dissolved oxygen. However, there is a certain difference from fishing during the day. This is mainly about the difference between open water and aquatic plants. Aquatic plants release oxygen during the day and absorb oxygen in the water at night, so it is advisable to fish in open water instead of grass at night. At the same time, because of the dim light, it is also more difficult to fish around the aquatic plants and throw poles and walk fish.

Third, in addition to food distribution and attention to dissolved oxygen, the fishway we often say is also an important basis for choosing fishing spots at night. Fishways are often places with special terrain. The so-called fishways are places where fish swim in the water in search of food and have to pass by. The more classic one is Hua Jian, which is suitable for fishing in the morning and evening in summer. In, for example, wide and narrow terrain, similar to gourd waist; Or the position where the large and small water surfaces are connected; Or a peninsula in the water; The above terrain is a typical fishway, which can be used as a fishing point in night fishing.

Finally, it needs to be explained again that it is also a good weather for night fishing in light rain or after rain. The choice of fishing points can be shallower and more sidelined, but safety must be paid attention to, and quiet must be paid attention to during fishing. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!