[Reservoir Fishing] How to Choose Fishing Position for Reservoir Fishing? Skill analysis

When fishing in the reservoir, the choice of fishing position is a very important factor. Choosing a good fishing position is basically half the battle.That’s inHow should we choose a good fishing position when fishing in the reservoir? Next, I will introduce you to the skills of selecting several fishing positions when fishing in the reservoir.

First of all, we can choose the place where the ground is connected to the bulge of the water surface. This place is called the tip of the share. Fish swim in the water and often swim past the tip of the share. Moreover, a large amount of food is often stored in the bulge, so the tip of the share is also a key fishing point.
Secondly, we can also choose at or on both sides of the dam slope of the reservoir. The dam of the reservoir is used to intercept water flow and open floodgates to drain water. Most reservoirs are built artificially. The water level under the dam will be very deep, which is the habitat for large fish. Therefore, there are often large carp and grass carp moving around the dam to feed. In choosing fishing positions, this is also an ideal fishing point.
Some reservoirs are built in the mountains, with many steep slopes and slopes. This is also a very good fishing point, because when it rains, a lot of food will be washed to the bottom of the slope by the rain, which will attract a lot of fish to come and look for food. It is very good to catch carp or catfish here.
We can also look for places with more aquatic plants, dead trees and rocks. The more obstacles, the better. The aquatic creatures below will be sufficient, and the hiding is especially good. There will be a large number of fish schools perching under. The only bad thing is that although there are many fish in this fishing spot, it is easy to hang bottom hooks. We only need to have more dot line groups.

Now fishing in the reservoir is the preferred place for many fishermen. When we arrive at the fishing points, we can choose the places where fishing friends often fish as the fishing points, because these fishing points are where people fish and nest all the year round, and the fish also have memory. The fish have formed a fixed eating habit and often swim here to look for food.Therefore, these old fishing positions are very good and effective in choosing fishing positions.