Summer is hot, I just want to use this fishing method, which is quick to try.

Careful fishing friends will find that every year in hot summer or cold winter, there will be a large number fewer outdoor fishermen. One is due to the weather, and the other is due to the relatively small fish resources. Each time, they either fish crucian carp or snakehead and yellow catfish.
However, as far as I am concerned, although summer is hot, as long as I think of the following fishing methods, I want to fish every three to five days, and the fish protection is full. Of course, after learning, you can also oh!
First, the golden age of fishing
Fishermen all know that the most important thing for each fish to be ideal is the good weather. Although summer is extremely hot, as long as you don’t sleep in and choose to fish in the morning and evening, the final fish will definitely not disappoint you.
Because the temperature at these times will be the lowest point of the day, the temperature will be low, the dissolved oxygen content will be high, and the fish’s eating will be more positive. At noon, due to the relatively high temperature, fish usually go to deep water areas for foraging activities, which is relatively not suitable for us to fish. After all, there is still some reason why “immortals are difficult to catch noon fish”.
Second, the gold fishing spot for hidden fish
As the saying goes, “Three-point fishing skill, seven-point fishing”, no matter in which season fishing, the choice of fishing point position is always ranked first. However, different seasons and different temperatures have different fishing positions. For example, the water temperature is cool in the morning and evening, and fish that have been hungry all night will enter the shallow water area for food. Therefore, the shallow water area should be selected for fishing in the morning. As for noon and afternoon, due to the rising water temperature, the water temperature in shallow water is higher, so fish will go to deep water and shaded places for summer. If fishing is insisted at this time, it is recommended to fish in cool places.
Three, the golden rule of nest bait matching
In addition, after choosing a good fishing spot, you need to make a nest to lure fish in advance. As for using what nest materials, it depends on the fishing friends to catch what fish! For example, fishing crucian carp can use either wine rice + wheat bran or fermented corn grains + bran cake pieces. In short, the principle of “not letting the fish eat enough or run away” is always followed in making nests.
There is also the aspect of bait, I think if you only want to specialize in big plate crucian carp, then just match a light bait, or directly hook wheat bait and rice grains for fishing!