Summer is suitable for fishing big fish and grass carp with hand poles. These four basic routines are commonly used. Grass carp is connected to the pole!

The best season for grass carp fishing should be from May to October every year. At the end of autumn, grass carp is more difficult to catch, because the feeding temperature of grass carp is higher, and the feeding of grass carp with water temperature lower than 15 degrees will be affected. The high water temperature in summer makes it difficult for many fish species to fish during the day, and grass carp has become the choice of many fishing friends. Grass carp is a fish that eats at 38 degrees of water temperature. Attention should be paid to the water temperature, which is lower than the temperature. Therefore, it is right then to catch grass carp in summer. Talk about the problem of fishing grass carp with hand poles, hoping to help all fishing friends.

First, the timing of fishing

The timing of fishing grass carp is more important. Although grass carp eats for a long time in summer, the timing is appropriate and gets twice the result with half the effort. In terms of time, summer is the peak period for grass carp before and after sunset, followed by between early morning and sunrise. Although grass carp also eats at noon, the peak period is mainly concentrated in the morning and evening. Because the light is weak in the morning and evening, grass carp dare to eat in places with food on the shore. Attention should also be paid here. It is not easy to catch grass carp in sunny days with good light. Therefore, when fishing grass carp in summer, it is advisable to choose rainy days, cloudy days are not too stewed, or fishing in light rain. Grass carp is extremely active after summer rain and will splash on the water surface. This is also a good time for fishing.

Second, choose fishing points

Grass carp has certain requirements on water quality. Grass carp relatively likes areas with slightly clear water quality. It is difficult to meet grass carp in turbid areas. What is suitable for fishing carp, yellow catfish and catfish, but it is not suitable for fishing grass carp. In terms of topography, it is better to choose the curved river section, Huajian Peninsula of the reservoir, etc. The water depth should reach 3 meters. These locations are fishways. Because grass carp is also a very timid and cautious fish, it will run away at the slightest noise, so it will be better to fish in deeper water. There are cattail grass and reeds in the water, grasslands submerged after the water rises, both sides of the water inlet of the reservoir, and areas with crops and fruit trees on the bank of the reservoir are all fishing points for grass carp. These locations are rich in food and are places for grass carp to eat. No matter what the terrain is, remember to fish deeper and farther.

3. Bait Matching

Grass carp eats a large amount of food, but it is not very picky about food. Grass carp cannot be caught in places with grass carp, which is often not caused by bait. In many cases, abnormal noise and conspicuous clothes affect grass carp from entering the nest. The bait for grass carp fishing does not need to be fine, but the key lies in the right way. The vegetables and fruits we often eat can be used to catch grass carp in summer, but the effect is not so ideal. Grass carp likes to eat food with grain aroma, slight acid and bouquet, and homemade bait is basically the same routine. For example, beer or rice wine is soaked in tender corn kernels, and the bouquet is slightly grained, so the effect is good. For example, bean cake powder, corn flour, bran and boiling water are washed and scalded, and after cooling, koji wine is added and fermented to slightly acid. Grain aroma is slightly bouquet and slightly acid, which is basically the bait for killing. Insects can also be used as bait in summer, and the effect is also good, but the nest material should be proper, and it is useless for grass carp not to enter the nest. Although grass carp can also be caught by tender grass and melons and fruits, wild fishing places with few fish are often not suitable, and it is too slow to lure fish.

Four, adjust drift and see drift

In summer, grass carp fishing can be divided into floating fishing and bottom fishing. During the day, fishing or bottom fishing is the majority, because there is often wind during the day and it is difficult to fish floating with hand poles. If fishing at night, the wind is usually relatively low, and the impact of fishing with the opponent’s pole is also small. It is also when grass carp eats, all fishing floats are fine. The adjustment and drift of fishing float will not be introduced, just hang bait and have a number of eyes. If you fish at the bottom, you should pay more attention to the adjustment and drift. First of all, you should pay attention to the large distance between hooks. On this basis, you should catch blunt fish. The better state is to lay on the bottom of the bait and suspend the bait, because grass carp seldom eat next to the bottom of the water. Even if you eat the tender buds of aquatic plants at the bottom of the water, you will not supply mud.

The eating of grass carp is still quite characteristic. Grass carp likes to bite the bait first and then wander away, so the floating phase is often black or even oblique after inching, so there must be no hurry to lift the pole. If it is corn kernels, the pole can be silently several 123. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!