Summer night fishing, with bait can catch good fish, wrong! We still have to prepare these

Brother, it’s Jian Jian. Open the door quickly. Hurry up. When I opened the door, my brother Jianjian brought some fish and said that I had a good fishing harvest last night. I felt that the fish was good and gave me some. I am very happy to see here. I am glad that my brother is so sensible. Looking at the fur of the fish is not bad, I thought I could eat boiled fish at night!

After that, I briefly exchanged a few words and said about fishing. The brother opened his mouth and said, in fact, fishing at night is really good as long as there is good bait. This sentence of his caught my attention and was interrupted instantly by me! Brother, it is wrong for you to say so. If you have good bait, you can fish more, but you may not be able to fish well.

Catch brought in

After Jian Jian was interrupted by me, he did not question it, but listened patiently. After talking for about two hours, Jian Jian said he had something to leave. Before leaving, he said a word to me and tried it at night after being taught. I didn’t think I came again the next morning, but I still sent me more fish this time than before. In his words, listening to what you say is better than fishing for ten years! He adjusted according to what I said and caught a lot more than before.

Because of the example of health, I am more confident. I think what I said is reasonable, so I sorted it out today for the reference of fishing friends. If you want to have a good catch at night in summer, please turn your eyes here and don’t just stay on the bait. To make a long story short, everyone will remember what I shared, and I will definitely catch more than before!


Headlights: Fishing cannot be done without fishing gear, which is well known to all. However, in addition to the bait, nest and fishing tackle, an additional fishing headlamp must be prepared. Its function is to illuminate oneself, whether it is to change bait or fishing line, or to get up and do something else, it will be much more convenient. After all, it is at the water’s edge. If you can’t see clearly, you can easily fall into the water, so you can’t catch fish.

Of course, attention should be paid when using the lamp cap. The brightness of the headlamp is relatively high, so don’t shake around the water surface. This strong light will affect the fish and make them afraid to approach, thus increasing the difficulty of fishing. Therefore, attention should be paid when using the headlamp, otherwise it is easy to return empty-handed.

Fishing lamp

Toilet water: Mosquitoes are more active in summer, and some exposed skin is easily bitten by mosquitoes. As we all know, it is more uncomfortable to be bitten by mosquitoes. Therefore, they will keep scratching, which will delay fishing. Therefore, some mosquito repellent products should be kept in stock. For example, mosquito-repellent incense and toilet water. Mosquito-repellent incense can repel mosquitoes and toilet water can relieve itching, so fishing will not be affected by itching.

Toilet water contains a certain amount of alcohol, so stay away from mosquito-repellent incense when using it. Secondly, do not directly contact mosquito-repellent incense after spraying, otherwise it is easy to cause unnecessary troubles. After all, we want to fish. If this negligence causes the fishing process to be not smooth, and when using mosquito-repellent incense, we should stay away from inflammables.

Fishing article

Many people think that they will go fishing when it is cool at night. In fact, if the timing of fishing is wrong, they will not be able to catch fish. For example, on the night when the moon rises, or when fog rises at the water’s edge, even on the night when the wind is westerly. If these circumstances occur, it is basically impossible to catch fish out of fishing. Anyway, when these circumstances occur, neither I nor my friends around me can catch fish.

The second is the fishing time. Although it can be called night fishing from dark to the next morning, not all the fish will open their mouths to eat. The reason is very simple. Fish have openings and do not have openings. If you want to catch good fish, it is much easier for fishermen to choose to fish during the opening period. For example, from 8: 00 p.m. to 10: 00 p.m. and from 2: 00 a.m. to 4: 00 a.m., as long as these periods are selected, the fishing rate is very high and it is easy to catch well. Other times basically don’t need to consider fishing, set up tents at the water’s edge, let yourself have a rest. After all, it is time to sleep at night, and drowsiness is quite common. If you fall into the water due to drowsiness, accidents will easily occur.

Fishing Points

Fishing cannot be without a good fishing position. If the fishing position is not selected reasonably, the catch will naturally be affected. Of course, there is another point to pay special attention to, that is, to consider personal safety. If the fishing position is relatively remote and accidents are not easy to be found, it is very difficult to catch good fish. Secondly, we should avoid places with grass and try to level up the fishing position, because summer is the season when snakes infest. If we don’t pay attention to it, we will easily be attacked by it. If we are bitten, the consequences will be unimaginable.

On summer nights, fish prefer to dock, so when choosing fishing positions, one should consider whether one can catch near or far away. If there are weeds around the fishing positions, it is easy to affect fishing. Since it is fishing, one must consider it comprehensively. Of course, there are other obstacles besides weeds. If these are not taken seriously, they will lead to fishing tangents. The light is poor at night and there are too many obstacles, which will bring a lot of troubles to fishing.

Of course, there is another point. There are many abandoned fishing positions at the water’s edge. If they are connected during the day, they will be connected. If it is at night, it is suggested that fishing friends choose fishing positions that no one uses, and the rate of fishing in new nests is very high. Why? This is the experience summed up over the years.

Operation Section

Night fishing is relatively easy to produce big fish, so when fishing friends use fishing rods, it is recommended to choose a slightly longer one. It should be controlled at about 4.5 meters, so that both distance and distance can be taken into account. If there are more small fish, you can catch them nearby, while if there are more big fish, you can catch them far away, but remember one thing. The toughness of the fishing rod is better, that is to say, try to choose a softer fishing rod.

In addition, when using bait, it is recommended to mix commercial bait with solid bait. For example, hanging commercial bait on the bait and hanging corn grains or rubber band grains on the lower hook can complement each other. In short, no matter how picky the fish are, we can satisfy them. In this way, it is easy to catch, isn’t it?

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