Summer Wild Fishing Encounters Small Fish Nest? The way to stop the little fish from making trouble

The most interesting thing about wild fishing is not knowing that the next one is what fish. But the biggest worry is to make small fish, This little fish is a few mouthfuls that what will give, The most common small fish are basically white stripes, Wheat ears, sole catfish, The horse mouth and the tiger lying on the ground, especially the wheat ears and white stripes, make fishermen doubt their lives. Small fish usually swarm to rob the bait instead of sucking the bait, which will lead to the fish hook robbing the bait before it can even float down and run against the fish hook. Therefore, today I will teach you a few tricks to avoid making small fish.
Habits of small fish
If we want to avoid small fish, we need to understand the habits of small fish. Generally, some small fish species, such as horse mouth, wheat ear, sole catfish and so on, travel in droves for food. Where there is bait fog, there is the shadow of small fish, especially fishy bait. These small fish will immediately track to your fishing point, that is to say, small fish like to atomize quickly and taste fishy.
Most small fish rob bait to eat, because the individual is small and the mouth is small. If they starve to death if they suck bait to eat, they can only rob bait to eat and run after the bait, so that the bait to the mouth can enter the mouth immediately. We often see us dancing up and down on the float, and others running sideways. Anyway, it is a fancy floating phase.
Tips to Avoid Small Fish
Attention shift
When there is a horse’s mouth or wheat ear in our dens, We can fire a little loose fire, Just a little loose bait, Throw your hands to the fishing point next door. Don’t be too far away from our dens. Atomize faster. It is better for our loose bait to be dry and scattered, so that when you reach the water surface, it will burst the small fish that attract your dens. This method is very effective, and you can also go to see if there are any target fish we want to catch in the later period, which is equivalent to you playing two dens.
Heavy lead bottom
Heavy lead to the bottom, In this way, we will catch slippery lead. that is, lead, Don’t let the bait sink slowly, The lead pendant dragged the hook to the bottom quickly. Let the small fish have no time to catch up, The bait has already reached the bottom layer. Sometimes the small fish will follow to the bottom layer, but they will not bite the bait so fiercely. The small fish belong to the middle and upper layer species. When they reach the bottom layer, they will feel dangerous and may make a few noises. Then the small fish will return to the middle and upper layer. Although this method is effective, if there is more moss under the water, the bottom fish can easily find the bait.
Feed flavor type
Small fish like to eat fishy bait very much, But they are not particularly interested in lighter bait, Small fish may also appear in some areas, This bait flavor type needs to be seen according to the region. Small fish on my side don’t make milk-flavored bait, and earthworm small fish don’t make milk-flavored bait, so we can try lighter-flavored bait first. If we can’t do it, we can use milk-flavored or strawberry-flavored bait. If we catch carp, we can choose fragrant-fruit-flavored bait. Generally, these bait small fish make less noise, and it can’t be said that they don’t make noise at all, which is much better than not changing.
Shake three shakes
I don’t know if that’s what it’s called anywhere else, This is what Beijing calls it. Three small jars need to be prepared, one for water, one for sticky powder, and the other for rice. The empty hook is stained with water, and then the sticky powder is removed. After sticking the sticky powder, then the sticky water is removed. After sticking the water, then the sticky rice is removed, and then the pole is thrown for fishing. It may be a bit of a tongue twister, but this definitely does not cause small fish. If you come to me for small fish, I will catch them clean.
Rubbing bait hard ball
Because fish are bait, If we use normal bait to do fishing, we will definitely be robbed completely. At this time, we can choose to rub the bait hard or bigger, so that even if the small fish rob your bait, they can only rob and catch some residual debris, and the bait still remains. Generally, when fishing for carp in the wild, the small fish can change to this method.
Wheat corn
A grain of wheat, a grain of corn, In fact, there is no need to introduce this, A lot of people use it, In case of small fish, wheat grains will be hung up. If the wheat grains cannot be stopped, corn will be hung up. Although this is to avoid small fish noise, it is also getting further and further away from our target fish, especially wheat grains and corn for wild fishing. Unless it is necessary for fish conditions under special circumstances and the fish resources are also very good, it is generally a real air force.
Shake the bait three times.
Speaking of this shake, an old master taught me, Because it was really too noisy at that time, I used wheat grains to guard the result that there was no fish. I consulted with an open mind on the connecting rod of the old master next door. The result was that I was shaken three times, because small fish dipped in rice did not eat rice bait at all, but crucian carp and carp liked to eat very much, so shaking three times was very useful. I would like to tell you in detail about this shaking three times.
Shake three shakes
Why is it called shaking three shakes? Because when we dip in rice, we must shake it evenly, so it is called shaking three shakes. Shaking three shakes bait must have a sticky powder and millet, which can be bought online, and rice can be bought with milk flavor.
Suitable waters
Shake three shakes is suitable for fishing in areas where water is not allowed. If water is not allowed, rice will be washed away soon, so no fish can be caught at all. Therefore, it is necessary not to walk water, and it is also suitable for black pits. However, it is not used when small fish are not allowed, because this is to prevent small fish from being allowed, and it is not necessary to dip in water and bait without small fish. Disadvantages of Shaking Three Shakes
The disadvantage of shaking three shakes is that it is very troublesome. After dipping in water, I also need to dip in rice. Anyway, I feel very troublesome. Although this does not make small fish, you also have crucian carp. Moreover, it is more difficult to shake three times when the wind blows. If the fish are not thrown accurately, it will not tempt the crucian carp. Don’t catch the crucian carp and the small fish will not make any noise. Dinghai Shenzhen will be very uncomfortable.
Summary of the full text:If our fish love is very noisy, But after all, the bait will not make small fish, There is also crucian carp to eat, We can choose to go fishing with three shakes. If you don’t have a mouth at all, you don’t recommend buying three shakes, Let’s look at our resources first. If the resources are very good, it is possible to shake three times and prepare for it. There are many kinds of small fish to avoid fishing at night. Fishing at night generally does not cause small fish. Choosing the corresponding solution according to our situation is the master of fishing. Fishing has no law. It is certain that there is no what. The situation of fish changes. We change.