Teach you how to repair a broken fishing rod.

What should I do if the fishing rod is broken? If you are a local tyrant and say that you will buy a new one directly after the fishing rod is broken, please ignore the following, but for beginners, please have a look.
It is said that beginners are not good at fishing, and there are many broken rods. It is a pity to abandon them. It is useless to keep them idle recently. Why don’t you repair them yourself?
When I looked in the glove room, I found that there were three broken poles. All the problems were in the 2nd and 3rd sections. Although it was not expensive, it was a pity to lose it for 200 or 300 dollars.
Because the brand is different, the pole length is different, it is also the first section or the second section, the size is different
So all of them were removed and compared one by one.
If you don’t break much, use sand paper to smooth the fracture.
If it is too small, stick a circle of transparent adhesive on the coarser paint adding place. If there is paint, it will be better to add another circle of paint.
All of a sudden, it’s all done. Reinstall it and try it out. It’s another good pole. It just feels like it needs to be broken down and buckled. Let’s make do with it.
Summary, tools needed
Step 1: Needles, Threads
It also took a lot of effort to dismantle the knot. The knot was too big to wear the second section. It took a lot of effort to untie the knot. Later, it also took a lot of effort to put it on again. I used needle and thread. It is recommended to use 502 glue and new thread and replace them directly.
2. Sand Paper
Sand paper is essential. Fractures should be smoothed. In fact, those that are not broken or cracked can also be smoothed with sand paper and continue to be used without changing. This is taught by the boss of fishing gear.
3. Transparent adhesive
If the joint is too small and does not pull tightly, the problem can be solved by sticking a circle of transparent adhesive at the paint adding place, which is simple and practical.
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