The basic routine of fishing carp with a hand pole is: first, to wait and second, to be stable, to catch properly, and to easily double the catch!

Carp is not easy to catch in summer, so proper methods are even more needed. The reason why carp is difficult to catch in summer is that the water temperature is relatively high, and the eating of carp will be affected if the water temperature is too high. Therefore, old fishing friends all believe that the best time to catch carp is in late spring and mid-autumn, when rape flowers are yellow and chrysanthemum flowers are yellow respectively. At that time, it is neither cold nor hot, and it is the best eating temperature for carp. However, summer is a season when everything grows rapidly, and carp is very edible, mainly in the morning and evening when the water temperature is low. If the weather is right, the eating time will be much longer, such as light rain days and after heavy rain.

First, choose fishing points

The choice of fishing spots mainly depends on the habits of carp. Carp is a typical bottom fish and is accustomed to looking for food at the bottom of the water. Plant debris, humus and insects at the bottom of the water are all carp’s food. Secondly, carp like low-light environment and feel more comfortable and safe in low-light environment. The third is that carp has the habit of going up against the current, but they do not like the rapids and like to go up against the slow flow. Therefore, when fishing for carp, the selection of fishing points can be made in areas with low transparency, areas with uneven bottom and areas with more sediment deposition. For example, low-light shade trees, slopes with large water depth drop, water entrances and exits, Hua Jian, Hui Wan, corners, connections between large and small water surfaces, piers and other locations are all places where carp often haunt.

Second, etc.

Patient waiting is the key to fishing carp, which contains many meanings. First of all, carp is relatively large and will enter the nest slowly. Only after proper waiting can carp enter the nest. Secondly, although carp is big, timid and alert, it will not easily enter the nest, and there is little trouble. Even if it enters the nest, it will leave the nest quickly. Third, carp eating has its own characteristics, and it seldom eats at a certain length of time, even if this is the shelter. Carp like to eat a few mouthfuls in the dens and continue to move forward, then turn back to eat a few mouthfuls later, so it is very important to wait patiently.

There is also the saying of making heavy nests in carp fishing, which has something to do with the slow entry of carp into nests. The main reason is that carp is timid. Improper mending of nests will cause carp to dare not enter nests at all. Therefore, it is a better way to wait after making a heavy nest, instead of making a small amount of nest as frequently as crucian carp. There is also the saying of using bubble-resistant bait on the bait. It is also important to wait for a long time to use bubble-resistant bait. For example, the sweet steamed corn-bread commonly used by the folk can be soaked for one hour without any problem. It is still related to the timidity of carp. Reduce the frequency of throwing poles, so that carp entering the nest will not be frightened, nor will carp wanting to enter the nest be frightened.

Third, stability

Stable, mainly talking about walking fish skills. If they are of the same size, carp is even the most difficult fish to walk. Carp has long endurance and strong struggle. Moreover, carp also has two escape killings, one is to drive piles, the other is to jump out of the water, which often makes fishermen unable to adapt. Therefore, when fishing carp, one must pay attention to stability in walking the fish. One must be calm and steady, and one must not worry. To ensure that the fishing rod is erected at an angle of about 80 degrees to the ground, never slightly exceed the top of the head, so that the fishing rod can exert its maximum waist strength and elasticity, and always keep the fishing line tight, thus greatly reducing the phenomenon of fish running.

Carp piling, fleeing wildly, circling in circles and leaping out of the water are often caused by walking the fish too hastily. Therefore, stability is very important for walking big fish. It is better to walk the fish slowly than to walk the fish away. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!