The four main points of fishing big fish in the wild with a hand pole will be lost if you don’t use it in summer. Don’t believe it, one catch is accurate!

Summer is hot and hot, and the high water temperature limits the eating time of fish, but it also leads to the most active period of the year for big fish. Therefore, although summer is the off season for fishing, it is indeed a good season for fishing big fish. If you want to catch big fish well, you need to pay attention to the choice of weather. If you choose cool and high-pressure weather, the eating time of big fish will become longer and it will be relatively better to catch. In the selection of fishing points, it is advisable to fish deep, fish far, fish shade and fish living water. Generally speaking, it is still the law of temperature and oxygen. In addition to these basic factors, we also need to pay attention to several key points in skills.

First, the fishing rod should be leather solid.

To catch a big fish, one must first have a good hand, and the fishing rod must be solid and durable. In summer, when fishing for big fish, the choice of fishing points is still mostly deep and far away. Although it is also very painful to play table fishing with long poles, it is still a little fun. The choice of fishing rod should be as hard as possible, and the soft one should not be super hard. Because the hard rod moves faster when lifting the rod, although it has a faster speed of stinging fish, it is a test for the fishing group. The lifting force of the rod is too strong, and the fishing rod is relatively hard. Even the thicker line is very easy to break. Therefore, some fishing friends can walk big fish with thin lines and soft rods, and some fishing friends can also cut lines when fishing 4 or 5 kg of fish with sub-lines 2 and 3, which is related to the hardness of the fishing rod and the size of the lifting action. To hold back the big fish, the missing rope must be hung well, and then hung on the fishing box or fishing chair, especially at night fishing, the missing rope should be prepared to prevent the fishing rod flower from falling into the water, while the big fish can’t walk and throw the fishing rod quickly. Recently, a fishing friend had an accident chasing a fishing rod towed away by the fish in the water, which made people very heartache. A 10-dollar slip rope could solve the problem.

Second, the fishing team should be proper.

The matching of fishing groups for big fish is very exquisite. Now more and more fishing friends begin to use single-hook through-line fishing groups or double-lead single-hook through-line fishing groups, which are very practical fishing groups for wild fishing in summer and autumn. The advantage of single hook line is that there is no knot and the pulling force loss of the fishing group is small. The appropriate fishing group can be used to catch big fish. The fishing group does not need to be too thick, which can effectively improve the sensitivity. The choice of floating to catch big fish should also be proper, and the fishing should be deep and far away. Therefore, first of all, there are certain requirements for the floating to eat lead. It is convenient to throw the rod, which can make the fishing group fast to the end, and at the same time it can tighten the water line that is not too thin. Therefore, floats that catch big fish are often long floats and lead-eating floats. In order to see the float clearly, it is sometimes necessary to use a float with several thickened tails. This kind of float adjustment is different from the conventional float. Pay attention to the fact that the thickened tail does not enter the water during the fishing adjustment process, so as to maintain sensitivity. In short, the thickened floating tail is for viewing, not for adjustment.

Third, the bait should be natural.

In summer, the water temperature is relatively high, and all kinds of big fish are more inclined to be vegetarian in eating characteristics. All big fish are often accustomed to more natural food. If they cannot keep their mouths shut, they will not have a chance to become big fish, so it is very effective to have simple bait and nest materials. For example, tender corn can be eaten by almost all kinds of big fish in summer. Carp, grass carp and herring like to eat, and even the carnivorous big mouth likes to eat. If you catch big fish and make a nest, you are more proud and suggest making a heavy nest, because big fish are rare and it takes a long time to enter the nest. Always ensuring that there is food in the nest is the key to continuously lure fish. At the same time, in order to reduce the noise of small fish, the use of large particles and massive nest materials is more suitable for fishing big fish. For example, soaked old corn and wheat grains, or bean cakes sprayed with koji wine after baking, are all good nest materials for catching big fish.

Four, bleaching to blunt

Most of the big fish in the wild are caught at the bottom. After all, there will be more big fish at the bottom. Naturally, the bottom is blunt in adjusting and floating. The fish situation in summer is more complicated. First of all, it is common to have windy and flowing water drifting. It even seems normal to choose running water at fishing points and windy and drifting in weather. Secondly, the high water temperature in summer causes the small fish to be extremely complicated. The third is blunt fishing, which is more suitable for the eating characteristics of bottom fish. Generally speaking, it can be said that blunt fishing will have a higher rate of medium fish. At the same time, the advantage of blunt fishing is to reduce the frequency of throwing rods, especially when using surface bait. We must not ignore the influence of mending nests and throwing poles frequently on the nests. We must pay attention to quiet fishing for big fish.

The above is a little experience of fishing big fish in summer, hoping to help all fishing friends. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!