The sultry crucian carp will float up in summer. Don’t just stare at the bottom of the fishing. Use this fishing method to kill the floating crucian carp!

Summer is the off-season for fishing and crucian carp fishing. In summer, only small crucian carp can be caught. If you want to catch large crucian carp, you often need to wait for cool time. This is because crucian carp is not resistant to high temperature and is easier to catch when the temperature is low. However, this is only a routine situation. Some external reasons such as weather will cause crucian carp to float upward, including the rare large crucian carp. Therefore, when fishing crucian carp in summer, one must not only stare at the bottom of the fishing. Sometimes fishing floating will bring good results. Crucian carp is actually a fish in the whole swimming layer and can be eaten in every water layer, so floating fishing crucian carp is nothing special.

First, crucian carp will float up

1. High temperature in summer and some still water areas with poor water quality have thick silt at the bottom and extremely serious fermentation at the bottom. Not only is it anoxic but also the temperature is high. Crucian carp is definitely not suitable at the bottom, and it will leave the bottom or even float upward. This is also more common in black pits now. At this time, one should consider fishing off the bottom or floating.

2. On light rainy days in summer, precipitation causes the upper and middle layers of the water to be cool and have sufficient dissolved oxygen. Not only crucian carp, but also a variety of fishes may float upward. Fishing and floating can also be considered in case of such fish.

3. For grass ponds with more aquatic plants in summer, aquatic plants will absorb oxygen in the water at night, and the respiration of fish, shrimps, aquatic insects and algae will lead to lower and lower dissolved oxygen in the water, which will often reach the lowest level before the sun comes out. At this time, fish will float up and even swallow the air directly. When the sun comes out, the aquatic plants begin photosynthesis, and the lack of oxygen will improve and the fish will gradually sink to the bottom. Therefore, when fishing in the morning in summer, it is not necessarily necessary to fish directly at the bottom and find the fish layer.

Second, fishing and floating skills

1. Flying Lead Fishing

Flying lead fishing is a change of Taiwan fishing. The principle is very simple, that is, to pull the lead up. The position of the lead pendant will affect the water layer where the bait starts to swing. By controlling the position of the lead pendant, the effect of fishing in different water layers can be realized. At the same time, the advantage of flying lead fishing lies in increasing the swing range of the bait, lowering it more slowly and having a better tempting effect on fish. Generally speaking, flying lead fishing is very afraid of small fish, because the bait drops more slowly and is easier to be caught up by small fish, resulting in no normal bait in place. However, in the fish situation where all fish float up, there are both large and small fish. After being properly teased, the big fish will reach the water layer and the small fish will not make any noise. The key point of flying lead fishing is to use bait with light specific gravity and use bait pulling method to bait, so as to give full play to the advantages of flying lead fishing and be more suitable for floating crucian carp fishing.

2. Fishing and smacking lips

This fishing method has been introduced many times. The time is mainly at the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Hypoxia starts in the early morning in the aquatic pond, and crucian carp will float up. When you go out fishing in the morning, you can fish floating first. After the sun comes out, the dissolved oxygen in the water is increased, and then you start fishing at the bottom. In the fishing method, it needs to be used with long poles and short lines, with seven stars floating, and lead pendant is optional. The key point is that after hanging bait, it can also be used for fishing floating, which is OK. The requirement for the fishing rod is a hard rod, so that the fish can be quickly raised to the water surface after being caught. The main point of fishing is to hang earthworms and gray bait, watch the aquatic plants shake, or listen to the sound of fish devouring oxygen, determine the position of the fish, and then hook down to fish for water skin within 20cm underwater. It is necessary to keep quiet and pay attention to hiding figure. When crucian carp floats up again, it will go out to eat the bait.

The above is the method and timing of floating grass carp fishing in summer. The fish are all temperature-by-temperature and oxygen-by-oxygen, and the water layer is completely different in different weather conditions. Therefore, the harvest will be more guaranteed if the appropriate fishing method is adopted according to the position of the fish. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!