The way to lure fish in the black pit is not the way to lure fish, waiting for the turtle to be beaten!

Taiwan fishing is a fishing method that attaches great importance to the integration of luring and fishing, and the integration of luring and fishing is also the characteristic of Taiwan fishing. The integration of luring and fishing is not just as simple as not making a nest, but as simple as making a nest by throwing a rod frequently, or making a nest is only one of the techniques of luring fish. Lure and catch, even the essence of fishing. Sou Yi talked about the way to lure fish in Taiwan fishing, hoping to help all fishing friends.

First, draw a nest

If you don’t want to make a nest in the wild fishing, or if you don’t make a nest in the black pit, you often lure fish by making a nest. There are many small and medium-sized fish in wild fishing. If the main fish is crucian carp, especially in smaller waters, it is usually not necessary to make nests. The effect of fishing crucian carp by drawing nests is quite good. The main point of pumping nests is to use large bait, and the bait is required to be looser. Different shapes of bait rub have absolute influence on the atomization effect of bait. It is suggested to knead the bait into a triangle if the nest is pumped, so that the bait will be atomized much faster. When throwing the pole, one cannot fill the pole. Pay attention to the placement of the bait at the position where we float and stand up. Pay attention to the vertical entry of the bait into the water. I hope this description is clearer. After the bait enters the water, the rod is lifted to shake off the bait and form a columnar fish lure belt from top to bottom. The most taboo thing about pumping a nest is one lump in the east and one lump in the west. There are still requirements for basic skills.

Second, loose guns, hemp ball

Scattering guns and hemp balls are all good ways to lure fish quickly, using a large amount of bait to quickly reach the fishing point. Although these two fishing methods are often used in black pits and breeding ponds, they can also be used in wild fishing. Some fishing friends think that the small fish will scratch more and more fiercely with bait such as loose guns. However, it should be noted that for loose guns or hemp balls, the bait balls of both methods are very large and the bait is very heavy, which can achieve the effect of fast to the end. With the increase of bait in the end, the big fish will stop making noise when entering the nest. In fact, the best way to eradicate the small fish’s nest is to have big fish in the nest, otherwise the small fish will continue to make trouble. When the bait is matched with loose guns or hemp balls, the requirement for the bait is sticky and soft, and attention should also be paid to the placement problem. What is important is that the throwing rod is full of eight points, in other words, just like the nest, try to make the bait vertical to the fishing point.

3. Dynamic fish lure

Fish are curious and more interested in active bait, so dynamic fish luring is also a good way to lure fish. There are not many ways to lure fish dynamically in Taiwan fishing, there are mainly two ways. The first is relatively simple by pulling back the fishing rod. After the fishing group enters the water and the bait is in place, if there is no mouth for a long time, the fishing rod can be pulled back by 20cm, somewhat similar to the wind pressure line, and then the fishing rod can be sent back. In this way, the float will pause several times and then rise to its original position. The bait will have a small jump at the bottom of the water, which has a certain fish luring effect. If the bottom silt is thicker, the effect will be better.

The second method is flying lead fishing. Flying lead fishing increases the length of the sub-line by lifting the lead pendant. As the sub-line grows longer, the swing range will increase before the end, the end time will slow down, and the bait will have a longer swing time. This is also a common method for luring fish. The distance of flying lead affects the height of the water layer where the bait starts to swing, which requires the distance of flying lead to be selected according to the fish’s situation. The advantage of flying lead fishing is that it can lure fish to this water layer for fishing through the water layer where the bait starts to swing. It still has good effect in fishing grounds with bad bottom environment. When flying lead to catch fish, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the bait is often light in weight, otherwise the bait will lose the purpose of flying lead to catch fish quickly.

The above is a little experience of fishing and luring fish in Taiwan. I hope it will be helpful to all fishing friends. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!