There is another chapter on the three commonly used grass carp fishing methods, bait and ideas.

Through the above few short words, we can see the allure of large grass carp to fishermen. Anglers also often go fishing with their fishing tackle in ecstasy because of the emergence of large grass carp in some waters. When catching large grass carp, they are often overjoyed to reward themselves. This article will talk with you about common and effective fishing methods when fishing grass carp.
Fundamentals of Fishing Grass Carp
What is the most important when fishing grass carp?
In fishing, I prefer to seek the corresponding fishing methods and bait after I have done a good job in the basic requirements for fishing a certain fish species. Because, when the basic requirements are not well done, no matter how excellent the subsequent fishing methods and bait are, they cannot catch better catch. Naturally, this has become the most important part.
When fishing grass carp, the first basic requirement is to do a good job in selecting fishing points, and especially when fishing in large reservoir waters, the selection of fishing points is the foundation that directly determines the catch.
In addition to choosing a better fishing spot, the work of luring fish must also be done well. Because after the fish cannot be lured to the dens, subsequent fishing cannot be carried out.
Of course, we cannot forget the test of grass carp’s huge impact and endurance on fishing equipment, and we must choose the corresponding equipment when fishing.
How to do a good job in the basic requirements of grass carp fishing?
We already know that the choice of fishing points, fish lure and reasonable selection of fishing tackle will be the most important requirements for grass carp fishing. Then, let’s share with you how I personally responded.
When fishing grass carp and choosing fishing points, especially when fishing grass carp with individuals weighing more than 10kg, I personally often choose fishing positions with water depth of 3 to 6 meters to fish, and the surrounding of fishing points should be relatively flat to prepare for subsequent fish slipping.
The basic requirement of luring fish is to make a nest. However, it is not possible to make nests blindly. Different nesting methods will be produced according to different fishing methods, such as one-time nesting, combination of thickness and thickness, and making nests one after another, which can be applied to the link of fishing grass carp and luring fish.
As for the choice of fishing tackle, I personally think that apart from thick hooks and large lines, the most important thing is that the fishing rod must be long until it cannot be longer. Only in this way can we ensure that our fishing advantages will be greater than those of others.
Summary of Basic Articles on Fishing Grass Carp: Appropriate water depth, appropriate fish lure and excellent fishing tackle are the basic conditions for fishing grass carp. However, meeting these conditions corresponds to a water depth of 3 to 6 meters, different ways of making nests and longer fishing rods.
Basic Knowledge of Fishing Grass Carp at the Bottom
How to catch grass carp at the bottom?
Although bottom fishing grass carp sounds like a very simple noun, the good fishing and the bad fishing are on the bottom fishing.
For example, if you want to realize the fishing adjustment state of one hook lying on the bottom and one hook floating when hanging corn bottom, you must choose to take the hook first and one hook with one corn to adjust the floating, and adjust the floating to leak out of the water. Then another hook hangs another corn, and then looks for the bottom to fish with three eyes, thus realizing the operation of fishing grass carp with the bottom of corn.
However, if the traditional grass carp bait is selected to catch grass carp at the bottom, it is suggested to find the bottom in advance according to the traditional fishing adjustment method, and then float to ten mesh or more. After the adjustment is completed, you can directly take bait to find the bottom until the float leaks out of the water and fish for three eyes.
Should how use bait when fishing grass carp at the bottom?
Bait used in fishing is not only included in corn and commercial grass carp bait, but also the details are the key to better catch.
For example, when hanging corn for fishing, we should try our best to choose the slightly older commercial fermented corn to increase the hook biting probability of grass carp with its taste. When using commercial grass carp bait, it is suggested to add a little sticky powder appropriately to improve the hook-attaching effect of the bait so as to ensure that the bait can reach the bottom smoothly.
In addition to the bait used on the hook, the bait used to lure fish cannot be ignored. If there is no tender corn to make nests in fishing, it is recommended to steam the old corn in advance and then match it with commercial corn nest materials to make nests.
Should how’s thinking be used to catch grass carp?
First of all, it should be understood that the nature of bottom fishing grass carp is a relatively defensive fishing method, and the fishing ideas used are mostly defensive. Naturally, there will be fewer high-frequency throwing poles and the effect of fast fishing.
In fishing, the prepared nest material is mostly put into the nest to be fished at one time in advance, and then other fishing tackle is prepared. After the preparation of fishing tackle is completed, there will inevitably be a long fishing guard process during fishing, and even the frequency of lifting the rod will be controlled at about ten minutes. The timing of lifting the pole to stab the fish is usually to lift the pole only after floating and submerging into the water, so as to achieve a stable rate of medium fish.
Summary of Basic Knowledge of Fishing Grass Carp at the Bottom: In order to realize fishing grass carp at the bottom, it is necessary to adopt corresponding fishing methods according to different baits, and it is suggested to use old corn with fermented corn to make nests. In fishing, most of them are defensive, and the timing of lifting the pole is relatively conservative.
Close relatives of grass carp, also known as red-eyed fish
Basic Knowledge of Floating Ctenopharyngodon idellus
How Realizes Floating Fishing for Grass Carp?
No matter what kind of floating grass carp is realized, the natural thing that cannot be avoided is to use bait to adjust the drift. Only by adopting the drift adjustment method with bait can the effect of bait hanging in the water be realized.
In the process of floating grass carp fishing, the simple floating grass carp fishing drift adjustment method is to simply hang the double hook on corn, and then when it is determined that the double hook does not reach the bottom of the water, adjust the floating leakage water surface to not less than five mesh. If you want to use flying lead to fish grass carp, you only need to push the float up on the basis of such fishing adjustment.
In addition to the fact that fishing adjustment is a rule that must be observed for floating grass carp, the length of the sub-line for floating grass carp also has a certain elegance. It is suggested that the total length of the selected sub-line should be about 1.5 meters, and the distance between the upper and lower hooks should be more than 50 centimeters.
What bait can be used to fish grass carp?
Under normal circumstances, the bait used for floating grass carp is not as abundant as that used for bottom grass carp. The bait that can be used for floating grass carp is often concentrated in corn and granules.
In fishing, the bait form of double hook hanging corn fishing, corn or particle nesting is mostly adopted. The selection of the two is based on the selection rule that particles are used in waters with aquaculture experience and corn is used in waters without aquaculture experience.
Is what the idea of floating grass carp?
First of all, it should be affirmed that floating grass carp fishing is a very offensive fishing method, which requires the fisherman to throw the rod at a high frequency and have a sensitive response ability. When the float starts to descend greatly, it is necessary to immediately lift the pole to stab the fish.
In addition to the reaction ability of floating grass carp fishing, it should also be noted that when throwing corn or particles to lure fish, the nest spoon should be used as much as possible, and a small amount of bait should be thrown into the dens without interruption, so that there is bait falling continuously in the dens, thus completing the task of luring fish.
Overview of Basic Knowledge of Floating Ctenopharyngodon idellus: Bait drifting is a necessary way to realize floating Ctenopharyngodon idellus, and the bait used is mainly corn and particles. In fishing, corresponding requirements are put forward for fishermen’s reaction ability and physical ability, and attention should also be paid to the way of luring fish in nests.
Basic Knowledge of Fishing Grass Carp in Full Water Layer
How to realize grass carp fishing in the whole water layer?
It is understandable that grass carp can be caught in any water layer. Personally, I have caught grass carp in less than one meter of water surface and can complete the connecting rod. Naturally, fishing grass carp in all water layers is no problem and can be realized.
When fishing grass carp in the whole water layer, it is very important to adjust fishing. Different from the common fishing adjustment method, it is necessary to adjust and float to the whole order of the float without a hook, and then the hook is used to find the bottom until the float leaks out of the water surface for three orders, thus completing the fishing adjustment of grass carp in the whole water layer.
After completing the basic fishing adjustment, it is necessary to actively push the lead pendant to the vicinity of the floating seat to form the line group characteristics of the flying lead fishing method, so as to realize the fishing method of grass carp in the whole water layer. In addition, during fishing, the floating speed can also be delayed by trimming the lead skin.
Should what bait be used to catch grass carp in the whole water layer?
The bait used for fishing grass carp in the whole swimming layer is related to the way of making nests. When the nests are formed at one time and the bottom nests for luring grass carp are made in advance, commercial grass carp baits are mostly used as baits and made into relatively scattered states, so that they gradually fall into the nests and supplement the nests in the nests. In addition, when the commercial grass carp bait is used, the effect of fast nest cleaning can be achieved.
If the nest spoon is used to make the nest with high frequency and a small amount of scattered particles, it is recommended to use soft and tender corn as bait. Because this kind of corn has a lighter proportion and a slower falling speed, it is more conducive to the grass carp to cut off food halfway, and the entrance effect will be better.
What is the idea of fishing grass carp in the whole water layer?
In fact, grass carp fishing in the whole water layer is a kind of exploratory fishing method, which is faced with fishing in unfamiliar waters and cannot judge the fish situation in a short period of time. The water depth can meet the requirements of fishing bottom and fishing float.
When grass carp is found to have entered the nest in fishing, there are frequent phenomena of black drift and pause when floating does not fall in place. When some fish can be caught, it can be resolutely replaced by floating grass carp to improve fishing efficiency.
If the float slowly falls to the bottom of the water during fishing, there is not too much float signal in the middle, and after the float is in place, the float will only move after waiting for a long time. That requires the fisherman to change decisively to catch grass carp at the bottom to avoid too much ineffective fishing time due to the slow fall of the hook bait.
Overview of Basic Knowledge of Fishing Grass Carp in Full Water Layer: Fishing Grass Carp in Full Water Layer is actually a flying lead fishing method by pushing the lead pendant up on the basis of fishing grass carp at the bottom. However, in fishing, the corresponding bait will be selected according to different nesting methods, and in fishing, this fishing method is mostly used to explore unfamiliar fish situations.
The final summary of the full text
The foundation is the key to determine the advantages and disadvantages of a thing. Naturally, when fishing grass carp, there is no requirement to do a good job in the foundation, so the subsequent application of fishing methods cannot be carried out. The subsequent application of fishing methods can be divided into three types: bottom fishing grass carp, floating fishing grass carp and full-water fishing grass carp, of which floating fishing grass carp and bottom fishing grass carp are two opposite extremes, while full-water floating fishing grass carp is mostly used to explore fish conditions.