This action of stinging fish is more effective and labor-saving!

When catching the mouth, Taiwan fishing often refers to the process of quickly piercing the fish lip under the action of external force by observing the floating movement and lifting the rod in time so that the hook that has been sucked into the fish lip but has not yet pierced the fish lip can quickly pierce the fish lip. This process is called piercing fish. We can understand it in this way that the success of the stingy fish is basically a dead mouth and a real mouth. If the stingy fish is not successful, the probability of running the fish and startling the fish is very high. Therefore, how to stab the fish and how to ensure the success rate of stab the fish are the basic skills that every fishing friend must master. Usually, according to the length of the pole we use, the movements of the stingy fish (that is, the movements of lifting the pole) are different.

First,When the long pole is guarding fishing, it is pushed first and lifted later.

When the long rod is used to guard the fishing, because the fishing distance is relatively long, the timing of catching the mouth is not the most reasonable. When the fish is given to the mouth and there is a signal on the float, we will lift the rod to stab the fish again, which is actually a beat slower. Therefore, when we use the long rod to guard the fishing, we often adjust the fishing to be mainly blunt and only guard the dead mouth. When lifting the pole, push first and lift later. This action is to ensure the stinging fish and then control the fish. The specific methods are as follows:

1, elbow against knee, body slightly forward, once see the float sinking or top, always stare at the float.

2. When there are clear signals in the float, such as sinking, pausing, topping, moving and other effective floating signals, quickly extend the arm forward, then exert light force on the waist and abdomen, use the big arm to drive the forearm and wrist, slightly raise the pole, and form a 45-degree angle between the pole body and the water surface.

3. The strength of the force is that the lead drop does not expose the water surface. According to the feeling transmitted from the rod body, the choice of lifting and controlling is made. If the falling feeling is not strong, indicating that the middle hook fish is not large in size, then quickly lift the rod and lift the fish out of the water surface. If the pulling feeling is very strong, indicating that the middle hook fish is not small in size, then apply appropriate force and quickly pull the fish head out of the water surface, but do not pull the fish out of the water as a whole. If the pole body bends quickly at the moment of lifting the pole, and it is obvious that the pole is slightly pulled and deformed, the pole body will be erected in time to be ready to fight against the big fish.

Why should this method of stinging fish be emphasized when fishing with long rods? Because this kind of combination action of stingy fish lifting rod consumes the most physical strength, if the density of fish entering the nest is high and comes several times in a row, the arms, especially the big arms, will feel sour and swollen, which is very laborious.

Second, short pole fishing crucian carp, mostly with wrist hair skillful strength stabbing fish

When fishing crucian carp with a short pole, Because crucian carp is small, The overall weight is not large, and the fish lip of crucian carp is very thin, so the fishing rod used should not be too hard, mostly with notoginseng adjustment, and the weight of the overall shaft should not be too large, so when it is clear that there is a fish to feed the mouth and it is necessary to stab the fish in time, it is only necessary to shake the wrist and stab the fish with skillful strength, so how is it operated?

1. Holding the pole is basically the same as pushing the pole up.

2. Once there is floating news on the float, only the wrist needs to be slightly twisted to make the pole lift up slightly quickly, and the pole body, especially the large number, forms an included angle of 30 ~ 45 degrees with the water surface.

3. When the pulling feeling conducted in a large number of places is obvious, the forearm is raised, and the middle hook fish can be quickly lifted out of the water surface without exerting force from the waist and abdomen. At that time, it can fly to the fish protection or be lifted to the shore.

This kind of technique is basically not very laborious. Even if there are dozens of poles, that is, dozens of repetitions, wrists and forearms will not feel tired and will not hurt fish lips. However, we should pay attention to the tonality of the fishing rod and not be too hard.

3. When there are many raw fish and the density of fish entering the nest is high,Drag and lift the pole one after another.

When we rob fish in black pits, there are many fish mouths and the density of fish schools is high, we should frequently lift the pole. In order to ensure the accuracy of throwing the pole and save physical strength, and at the same time not to cause fish injury due to too much lifting action, at this time, it is necessary to use a relatively labor-saving and efficient rear pulling type lifting the pole to stab the fish. The specific methods are as follows:

1. The pole holding action is the same as the above pole pushing action;

2. When throwing the pole into the water, try to fill the pole, then gently drag back the hook bait after entering the water, and slightly close back.

3. Once the fish is fed to the mouth and floats, the forearm will be recovered immediately, and the fish will be stabbed quickly by using the angle of pulling back of the line group.

4. When a large number of places are transmitted due to the success of the stingy fish and the obvious feeling of dragging, the waist and abdomen exert a little force, the big arm drives the forearm to lift the pole, and the middle hook fish quickly flies out of the water surface. The whole process is completed in one go.

This kind of action, one is labor-saving and the other is fast, because this action uses arm retraction and stinging fish, and the distance between strokes is very small, so there is no need to exert force. However, as long as a lot of people conduct the pulling feeling, they can quickly lift the rod to ensure that while stinging fish, the middle hook fish can be quickly lifted out of the water surface, with fast rhythm and not easy to surprise the fish. This method of lifting the rod by stinging fish is mostly used in black pit fishing or wild fishing of crucian carp. When the guard catches big fish, it is easy to cut the line with this stabbing technique.

At first glance, the above three movements do not seem to make any difference, but in fact, there are still and obvious differences because of the different ways of exerting force, the angle of exerting force, and the distance between the strokes that drive the fishhook to stab the fish when stabbing the fish.
Generally speaking, the final action is to lift the pole, but the process of stabbing fish, the first, is to guard the dead mouth and the large object, which is used most. Second, when fishing crucian carp, it is used most when pulling white stripes. The third is black pit fishing, which is used most in wild crucian carp fishing. Of course, because each fisherman’s own physical state and fishing posture are different, it cannot be said which is the best and most efficient. It is the best way for fishing friends to choose their own fishing methods according to theory.