Thrilling! Uncle was fishing in the wild by the river when suddenly the car fell from the sky. Netizen: Uncle is really calm.

A person’s life is sometimes very short, nothing more than a glance between heaven and earth. One’s life is sometimes very long, obsessed with daily necessities and looking around at a loss. Therefore, many people like to go fishing, experience the pleasure of fishing and talk about their inner loneliness.
However, people are in danger and fortune, and there are unexpected circumstances. Recently, an old man in Dafeng District of Yancheng City never expected that he would almost pass death when he was fishing by the river.
It is said that Mr. Ye is already over 60 years old, and he likes to have nothing to drink and fish without any big hobbies. At about 2 o’clock this afternoon, he came to the river to fish as usual. Just as he was making a good nest and looking at the tickets to fish, an accident happened!
I saw a white Santana car fall from the sky, landed in the fishing position where the big ye was located, and slowly turned sideways into the water.
Uncle said that his fishing position was close to G226 national highway at that time. Due to convenient transportation, many fishing friends also came. I was concentrating on fishing when I suddenly heard a loud noise behind me and instinctively avoided it. Unexpectedly, I saved my life in this way.
The white Santana car was very fast and rushed out of the road without any warning. The strong inertia made the car “fly” straight into the river.
Even the big tree behind him was broken by the car, which shows how much inertia there is!
It was also the sound of these big trees that gave the big ye time to respond. The big ye quickly escaped and was not smashed by the car falling from the sky. Now think about it, the big ye expressed a moment of terror.
Uncle said that he likes fishing at ordinary times, so his body is still strong and his reflection speed is relatively fast. This car just hit the fishing friend’s position impartially, which is shocking.
Ha ha, from this, fishing still has many benefits!
Immediately, the big ye calmly packed up his fishing tackle, and there will be good fortune if he survives the disaster. The big ye can be so calm after a short panic. This mentality is really worth learning from many people!
Finally, the white Santana slowly slipped into the water from the big ye’s fishing position, and the driver who caused the accident also abandoned his car and ran away. He did not know that he had run to what, leaving only the lucky big ye tidying up his fishing tackle alone.
This incident also tells us that when going fishing outside, we must be vigilant and avoid some dangers, such as choosing a safe shore to prevent sliding into the water. For example, be sure to stay away from high-voltage lines to prevent electric shock, etc.
What other interesting or dangerous things have you encountered during our usual fishing? What fishing times do you have around you and what interesting fishing friends do you meet? What are the stories between you and fishing? Welcome to tell us at the bottom!