Whether the application of small fishing drugs violates the initial intention should start with the additive itself.

This brief talk, presumably fishing friends with certain fishing experience, will also encounter such a situation. It is also often because of whether small drugs should be used, and the dispute is red-faced. Even, it will be divided into two fishing camps because of whether small drugs are used or not.
In my opinion, the small medicine in fishing is just a piece of equipment serving fishermen in fishing and should not be given other meanings. Then, this article will talk with friends about whether the application of this fishing additive violates the initial intention of fishing!
The First Heart of Fishing
• what is fishing?
In order to judge whether the application of additives violates the initial intention of fishing, I think it is more important to know about fishing first. Even, it is necessary to ask the fisherman again, “Is what fishing?” .
Fishing itself is a kind of behavior unique to human society that human beings lure fish. The “lure” among them means to give the fish what they like, that is to say, to give the fish what they like. The “cheat” among them is to hide pitfalls in the “lure” and use fake or a small part of bait to deceive fish to bite the bait.
It can be seen from this that as long as the concept of “deception” in fishing is not violated, it can also be recognized as fishing activities.
Is how a trick in fishing?
First of all, it needs to be made clear that fishermen cannot provide fish with safety attributes and life attributes. Then, it is impossible to tempt fish in the water from these two attributes. In addition to these two unavailable attributes, diet attributes can be controlled by fishermen.
During fishing, fishermen can attract fish in the water through different bait components and bait tastes, thus completing the mechanism of luring in fishing.
When it can be lured, although the bait is real food, it is a tool to cheat the fish’s trust and catch it. Naturally, the hook has become an integral part of the deception. Furthermore, the bait composition and the bait taste are combined to complete the deception in fishing.
Overview of the First Heart of Fishing: The first heart of fishing is nothing more than using bait and hook to lure fish ashore. Only when fishing does not violate such content can it be called the first heart of fishing.
Additives in Fishing
The essence of small medicine is what?
If the additive in fishing is called “small medicine”, it will inevitably be far-fetched. Because in my personal opinion, “medicine” is a substance that can cause biological physiological function reactions. The so-called “small medicine” in fishing actually has no such effect.
The “small medicine” should be classified as an additive, and the effect of using it is only that after adding a certain kind of additive to the bait, the bait is given the corresponding taste. Therefore, the essence of small and medium-sized medicines in fishing is just an added condiment, and soy sauce in human life belongs to the same kind of products.
So does the small medicine violate the first intention of fishing?
Since the small medicine in fishing cannot change the physiological function of fish, it cannot be discussed at a higher level. Let’s return to the initial heart of fishing to compare.
The lure in fishing includes the bait itself and its taste, while the small medicine only occupies and affects the taste of the bait and belongs to the lure link in fishing.
After adding the corresponding additives, it only increases the taste of the bait and does not produce factors other than the concept of “deception” in fishing. Therefore, the simple application of fishing additives does not violate the initial intention of fishing activities.
Overview of Additives in Fishing: Through the understanding and analysis of the essence of small drugs, it can be concluded that the application of small drugs does not violate the initial heart of fishing activities, and whether it violates the initial heart of fishermen still needs the following discussion.
Angler’s Cognition
What is not to add small drugs?
The cognition of whether small drugs are added or not will be the key to affect the application of small drugs in fishing and whether they violate the initial intention of fishing.
According to the raw materials of fishing bait contacted in the past, the smell presented is often very small, and only when the human nose lies prone around the raw materials can the corresponding smell be smelled. And the taste is natural enough. For example, the bean flavor in the bait ingredient is bean flavor, shrimp powder is shrimp fishy smell, and fish bone meal is fish bone meal flavor.
However, the taste of today’s fishing bait is often larger and is not the taste of the raw materials themselves. The answer that can explain this phenomenon is that the corresponding flavor additives are still added to this kind of bait.
Therefore, according to the above comparison. However, it is known that it is not only when the bait is opened that the corresponding powdery and liquid additives are added to the bait that small drugs can be used. In the process of bait production, adding the corresponding taste type also adds small drugs to the bait.
Is Xiao Yao what’s character in the eyes of fishermen?
Among the fishing friends who do not understand the small medicine, they often misunderstand the small medicine as “poison”, while the fishing friends who use the small medicine to fish are just like the Xingxiu disciples who are famous for their poison in martial arts novels. They always think that they do everything they can and always use some dirty tricks to win the struggle. Therefore, small drugs are often despised in the eyes of these fishermen.
However, in the eyes of fishing friends who understand and often use small drugs, they do not have any prejudice against small drugs, but only regard small drugs as a kind of portable flavor liquid bait in fishing. This kind of bait can be used in fishing to quickly change or endow the bait with new taste, thus better corresponding to the requirements of fish conditions.
An overview of fishermen’s cognition: whether small drugs are added to the bait or not depends on the display of the taste of the bait itself. However, it cannot be compared to “Xingxiu Fishing Man” just because the corresponding taste is added to the bait when it is opened.
The final summary of the full text
Perhaps the prejudice against the application of fishing addition arises from the initial heart of fishing, from the additive itself and from the cognition of the additive. However, starting from the concept of fishing itself, the application of additives does not violate the initial intention of fishing activities, but when the additives are applied, they enlarge the taste of bait and increase the weight of “lure” in the word “lure”.
Therefore, from the perspective of fishing activities themselves, it is against the statement that the application of small drugs is against the initial intention of fishing, and it is not self-defeating. However, in today’s bait market, many baits have already prepared corresponding additives in advance. Naturally, it doesn’t make sense to go fishing without additives under such circumstances.